This one product will give you dewy angel skin

MBFWA glowing makeup We Are Kindred

MBFWA just proved that nabbing glass skin is actually *really* easy

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 14 2019

Take a peek at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and you’ll notice dewy, glowy skin is where it’s all at. And we’re not just talking about the natural ‘no makeup’ makeup look – we’re referring to that *epic* glass skin look that fools everyone into thinking you’ve spent the past few weeks living it up in a resort in Barbados. You lucky thing, you.

The models for Tigerlily and We Are Kindred walked the MBFWA runway sporting the most hydrated, glossy skin we’ve ever laid peepers on – and you’re going to bet we wanted to know all the deets on how to nab the look for ourselves.

MBFWA Tigerlily

MBFWA We Are Kindred

And we were actually surprised when we found out how easy it is to achieve.

While most of us would reach for our trusty iridescent highlighter to up our glow factor, it turns out the key to achieving a glass-like complexion is actually sitting in your skin care kit – your trusty face oil. 

Lancôme Makeup Artist Lara Srokowski, the hands behind these mesmerising MBFWA beauty looks, says the secret is incorporating a facial oil into your makeup routine. “I’ve used Lancôme Absolue Precious Oil – this is a really lightweight oil, it has some botanical oils, and it’s not too heavy,” says Srokowski. “We’ve been using that to prep the skin, and also mixing it into the foundation.”

“We’ve mixed it into Lancôme Idole Ultra Wear, which is usually a medium coverage to full coverage foundation, but adding just two drops of oil manipulates the texture and makes your foundation really lightweight and really glowy on the skin – almost like a second skin.”

Srokowski then applied Lancôme Absolu Oil over the top of the foundation look, focusing on the high points of the face (like the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and brow bones) for a “really shimmery, beautiful, glossy look”.

“I used to do this with Lancôme Génifique, but I find the oil really lasts and really maintains that glossy looking skin for longer,” she says.

And before you start wondering - no, adding drops of oil over your foundation won’t mess up the texture. That is, if you do it correctly! According to Srokowski, the secret is to blend, blend, blend. “My trick is to really buff it [the oil] into your skin. You need to work in sections – I like to take time doing this and working it in little areas. So, kind of pinpoint where you want to apply the product, and blend it in using your fingers to really warm it up on the skin." 

“Whenever I’m trying to achieve glass skin that looks really healthy and hydrated, I would avoid using any powders and just use liquid products. For example, for flushed cheeks - if you don’t have a cushion blush at home, you could opt for a coral lipstick and use a little bit of that on your cheeks.”

To finish, Srokowski spritzed a hydrating setting spray over the entire makeup look (they used Lancôme Fix It Forget It Setting Spray, which is both a setting spray and a hydration mist). 

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Have you tried incorporating a facial oil into your makeup look before? Let us know in the comment section below.

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