Tegan Martin just got the chic chop we'll all be copying this winter

The model has kissed her long locks goodbye

Digital Beauty Editor / May 28 2020

Between her roles as a model, presenter, podcast co-host and mainstay on our hair and makeup moodboards, Tegan Martin has a lot going on.

With a background in hairdressing and a Miss Universe Australia title under her belt, too, it’s safe to say she’s also extremely dialled in when it comes to all things beauty. So when she decided to make a serious strand transformation, we knew we were in for a treat.

Yep, while her buttery blonde long locks have (ironically) long stood strong as her signature style, Martin recently made the leap women everywhere wrestle with on the daily – she got the chop – and boy oh boy, is it chic.

In fact, we advise getting a few screen grabs ASAP; you’re going to want to show them to your hairdresser - as references for your own fabuous lob look, of course - immediately.

BEAUTY/crew caught up with the model post-transformation to chat styling, care, and how to make sure your hairdresser knows what you want.

You've just taken the plunge and chopped your hair into a long bob for winter - how are you feeling about the change?

"I remember Lara Worthington’s chop being such an iconic moment!" she shares, referencing the similar statement lob Worthington cut a few years back. "I have wanted to chop it for quite some time, but I think I put too much responsibility on my hair playing a role in my femininity. As soon as I felt the first chop and saw a big chunk of hair fall to the floor, I felt empowered. If anyone is thinking that having short hair isn’t convenient because they wear their hair up every day, let go of that. I have loved putting my hair up and letting the short pieces fall out and am beyond happy with the result – I wish I did it sooner!"

What are your tips for someone considering a big hair change?

"With a hairdressing background, I know how important it is to find an inspo shot of someone with a similar face shape, skin tone and features to you," Martin explains. "It can be easy to say 'she looks incredible; I want this look', but we need to be realistic sometimes that that may just not be the best colour or cut for us."

"By looking to a photo of Lara’s hair for inspiration, I felt comfortable in knowing that we have a similar face shape and some similar facial features, which had me confident I would be able to pull off shorter hair. That being said, I would never go dark, even as much as I have been tempted to try it, I think we are best to play to our strengths."

For the record, here's the longer length Martin was previously working with. Stunning, yes, but we are feeling the chop.

What has your hair routine looked like in isolation?

"My isolation hair routine has been intense!," Martin admits. "Since I started modelling when I was 17, my hair has never had such a healthy break from heat and styling tools, [so] I have used this time to get serious about restoring my hair condition. My everyday go-to product for improving the condition of my hair is the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I am big on researching the formula of each product I use in my hair and when I read that it was made from six precious flower oils, I knew it would make my hair feel divine – I was right."

"I use the oil in wet hair prior to blow drying, in dry hair to smooth flyways and as a finishing product to boost shine. When I know I will only get one more day out of my blow-dry, I apply a generous amount of oil at the start of my day, slick into a bun and wash it out in the evening. It is the ultimate triple threat product for me, its powerful in smoothing the cuticle of each hair strand and has truly rejuvenated and nourished my dry hair without leaving it greasy."

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil

Martin has been nourishing her hair from the inside and out in lockdown, using supplements as well as topical product to ensure her mane is as gloriously glossy as possible. "Once a week I have been using an intense hydrating mask with the help of some heat to help it really penetrate in. I have also been taking the JS Health Hair + Energy vitamins and my god they are good," she tells BEAUTY/crew.

JS Health Hair + Energy Capsules

As for heat-styling, she's been allowing her strands some downtime, embracing non-heat hairstyles instead. "I've definitely been giving it a break," Martin explains. "Salt spray has been my best friend during isolation when paired with the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I put both in my wet hair after washing and pop it in a bun, which sets my hair in these beautiful waves when I take it out in the morning, even more so now that it is short! [As for other styling options], half-up half-down, slick low bun and a salt spray messy look with some scrunched in product are my non-heat favourites."

She’s been taking hair health into account with colour, too. “When I had my foils redone before the big chop, I was very clear with my hairdresser that I wanted her to use a weaker developer with the bleach (I had to wait longer for my foils to process but in my opinion it is well worth it)."

Alright, go on and save those reference shots now: we'll bet you're feeling very inspired.

Image credits: Ashleigh Larden

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