The beauty gadget that conveniently removes all your split ends

The Beauty Gadget Designed To Remove Your Split Ends At Home

But does it really work?

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 20 2019

Today in weird beauty news, we’ve discovered a strange electronic device that removes split ends: the Split Ender Pro 2.

The beauty tool is designed to trim split ends from your locks by taking 6mm of hair from each individual strand. No need to head into a salon or cut so much off that you end up with a lob rather than a little trim.

The gadget looks easy enough to use - you basically clamp it either side of a portion of your hair then move it downwards – kinda like you would with a hair straightener.

It sounds convenient, but does it get a pro hairstylist’s tick of approval?

Celebrity hairdresser-turned-YouTuber Brad Mondo thoroughly tested the device on a range of wigs AND his own hair and videoed the whole thing while commentating on his experience. 

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re best sticking to the tried-and-true method of leaving our split ends in the hands of a pro.

“It’s not really like a split end thing, it’s more like if you have pieces of hair sticking through other pieces of hair, this will get rid of it. And, if we’re just doing split ends, why are we starting at the top of the hair and going all the way down. Why are we not just doing the ends? Split ends are on the ends of your hair, you know?!”

“I gotta be honest with you… I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how this is really going to benefit your hair,” Mondo concluded.

Like many things in life that seem to be too good to be true, this may be the case for the Split Ender Pro 2.

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Main image credit: @realbarbarapalvin

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