The genius way to stretch the life of your makeup sponges

Makeup sponge hack

This trick might save you from having to splurge on a new one

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 13 2018

So, it turns out cutting your makeup sponge in half is not only a great way to see what lies beneath, but it will give it a much-needed refresh when you don’t have the time (all of us) or the money (also all of us) to nab a new one.

By cutting off the worn and dirty parts of your sponge, you will either expose sections of clean sponge that can be put to good use, or you will get vivid confirmation that your makeup sponge has seen better days and is past its prime.

And we have a beauty-savvy Redditor to thank for this genius trick. Posted on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit, JustanotherMUA started a thread titled, “When you’re a broke student, you’ll do anything not to spend money.”

JustanotherMUA wrote, “I've had this sponge a while so it started to break apart just on the edge and the rest was fine. I needed it for tomorrow morning and didn't have time to go out and buy a new one so I just cut off the end. It was clean inside as you can see since I clean it often and its been sanitised with antibacterial. I just thought some people may not know this trick so I'd share :).”

“Also the title is a joke. I would buy a new sponge I just didn't have the time since it's 12am here in the UK and I just washed it,” she added. 

Among an alarming number of users who initially thought the beauty sponge was cheese (alright, we’re guilty!), users praised JustanotherMUA for her thrifty makeup sponge technique.

One redditor wrote, “Waste not, want not. I’m totally doing this. Also might cut one in half for small concealer sponges.”

Another user commented, “You can have both a regular blender and a mini! For the price of one! Lol.”

As a general rule of thumb, if you cut the makeup sponge open and find a load of caked makeup or anything that you wouldn’t want to put on your face, it’s a sign that you should just bite the bullet and replace it. However, if it looks anything like JustanotherMUA’s sponge, go for gold! 

Genius, right? 

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