The must-try expert trick for glowing skin

And it doesn’t involve one highlighting product

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

When we see celebrities with glowing skin, our first thought is to stock up on highlighting palettes, powders, creams and sticks, but Bobbi Brown International Pro Makeup Artist Amy Conway has a different trick for achieving a naturally radiant and luminous complexion: oil and a treatment lotion. 

Yep, the skin care trick of mixing the two (she recommends Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil and a few drops of Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion, but you can also trying mixing Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence) is the key to a creating that lusted-after glow. 

And here’s why this combo works. 

“We call it the ‘watery glow’, and it’s because it’s a finish that has no shimmer to it but it gives you this high-strobing look, and that’s really the difference between strobing and highlighting – it’s more fluid, it looks like a wet look,” says Conway. 

And if you’re worried about the oil leaving a greasy finish, don’t. Conway explains, “Because you’re blending in a face oil with a tonic, the tonic sinks straight into the skin, and the face oil goes with it, and you’re not left with a greasy or wet look finish on your skin, you’re just left with the glow.” 

Interesting right? While we’re all for a good highlighting product (these are just a few of our favourites), this is definitely worth trying next time you’re trying to recreate that Gigi Hadid-glow.

Main image credit: Getty

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