The cleansers that will help you say goodbye to dry skin

Advertorial: Discover how to give your skin a deep clean without stripping it

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

When it comes to face washes, most of us would associate a good, thorough cleanse with a somewhat dry and stripped feeling. On the flipside, if you’re looking for a cleanser that feels soft and nourishing, you probably don’t expect it to do as good a job with removing dirt, makeup and impurities because of its gentle nature. You’re basically expecting to make a compromise somewhere with your cleanser. 

But thanks to the new facial cleansers from NIVEA, you don’t have to. 

Here’s why you’ll love the new NIVEA Creme Care cleansing range.

#1 / The cleansers give you the best of both worlds

All of the NIVEA Creme Care cleansers feature an unique formula that gives you everything you're looking for: a deep, thorough cleanse and the feeling of soft, nourished skin afterwards. So you no longer have to put up with harsh cleansers that strip your skin and leave it feeling tight and dry. 

The innovative formula combines effective cleansing properties with the NIVEA Protective Care Complex, which consists of special and very caring ingredients, including Eucerit®, a natural emollient that cares and moisturises skin while protecting barrier function. These two elements paired together are what you can rely on for that deep clean and moisturised, cared-for feeling. 

#2 / There’s a cleansing option for everyone

We all have different preferences when it comes to cleansing and our skin care routines, and there’s a NIVEA Creme Care cleansing product to suit you. 

If you tend to need some extra help removing your makeup at the end of the day, the NIVEA Creme Care Cleansing Lotion will help to effectively and gently clean your skin, so there’s not a trace of foundation, lipstick, or even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You can apply the product to dry skin, massaging it in circular motions to shift makeup. Then simply remove with a cotton pad or water.

For an everyday gentle clean, you’ve got the NIVEA Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash. Ideal for daily use, the gentle cleanser can be applied to a wet face and neck to thoroughly remove dirt and impurities, while the mild formula leaves skin soft to the touch. Different to the NIVEA Creme Care Cleansing Lotion, this one does need to be rinsed off with lukewarm water.

TOP TIP: Make sure you always rinse with cold or lukewarm water, as hot water can dry out skin.

And for cleansing on the go, there’s the option of face wipes. The NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes feature the same gentle cleansing formula, but in a handy wipe that can be used for a quick cleanse and makeup removal – whether that’s between work and play, or at the end of the day.

NIVEA Creme Care Cleansing Lotion

NIVEA Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash

NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes

#3/ The cleansers feature that NIVEA scent you love

If you’re already a fan of the iconic NIVEA scent, you’ll be pleased to know that the NIVEA Creme Care cleansing range features that unique and subtle NIVEA Cream fragrance, which won't irritate.

#4 / The cleansers are all budget-friendly

Just like you don’t have to compromise on the results of your cleanser, you don’t have to make allowances for your budget either. All of the NIVEA Creme Care cleansers come in under $10, and can be picked up with your weekly groceries (along with your other favourite NIVEA products).


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