The strange $20 hair tool Kate Middleton uses

Chelsea blow-dry coming right up

Contributor / May 25 2017

The Duchess of Cambridge may be praised for her elegant wardrobe choices and that unforgettable smile, but it’s her signature bouncy blow-dry that will forever have our hearts.

Her trademark ‘do (the bouncy curls, healthy shine, no-hair-out-of-place look) is known as the ‘Chelsea Blow- Dry’ and has been copied countless times around the world, but it never quite comes out the same.

So when Richard Ward, long-time hair stylist to the Duchess of Cambridge, recently revealed to the secret to her dreamy blow-dry, we took notice. Our most astounding discovery wasn’t the steps itself, but rather the strange looking hair tool Ward uses to get the look.

It’s called the Tangle Angel, a hairbrush that will set you back around $20. And we swear it’s a deadset lookalike to the Barbie brush you used on your dolls when you were five.

This adorable pink brush (heart-shaped and all) is a detangling comb known for its anti-static and anti-bacterial qualities.

When using it to style Kate’s hair, Ward explained he combs through her hair with the brush before he starts any of the styling to “lift the hair and really get to the cuticle".

We’ll take five of them, thanks.

Just in case you’re wondering exactly how to get the signature style from start to finish, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to getting Kate Middleton’s blow-dry from the man himself.

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