The unexpected solution for dry airplane skin

Your days of parched plane skin may be over

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

We love to jet set to faraway places, but the dry skin that comes from hours spent in a pressurised plane is something we could definitely do without. Despite our efforts to combat the effects of cabin air on our complexion (think double cleansing, mists, moisturisers and overnight masks), sometimes being cooped up in a small space with hundreds of strangers gets the better of us, leaving us to deal with flaky skin that’s in need of a whole lot of TLC.

Fortunately, those days might become a thing of the past if Emirates’ new in-flight offering is anything to go by. The airline have introduced “the world’s first moisturising sleepwear for the skies,” which according to the Independent, promises to keep skin hydrated and smooth for the longevity of your flight by gradually releasing nutrient-rich sea kelp onto skin as you move around.

If the circulation-improving and dehydration-preventing PJ’s seem too good to be true, then you might be right. The pyjamas, as well as the sheepskin-like blanket, eye mask and furry slippers seen above are free…but only for those lucky enough to afford a first class ticket. So, as much as we’d like to don a set of fetching Emirates sleepwear, we might just stick to our comfy leggings, baggy t-shirt and sheet mask combo for now.

If you thought Emirates’ in-flight pamper offerings were luxe, just wait until you read what Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine at 39,000 feet looks like.

Image credit: @alessandraambrosio; Emirates

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