These celebs are rocking the latest hair colour trend

The latest hair colour trend

PSA: Brunettes, take note!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 18 2018

Is it just us or is there some kind of dark-to-blonde hair epidemic that’s swarming celebville? Because everyone who’s anyone seems to be switching up their darker hue for a lighter shade – and we’ve got the feels that this could be the start of a big hair trend.

In the space of a just a few days, Rihanna, Demi Lovato AND Beyoncé have all ditched their signature darker locks for a new blonde colour, proving to us that blonde hair is THE ‘in’ thing this season.

On her Instagram story, Rihanna posted a selfie of herself with super-long blonde hair, confirming there’s literally no look Rihanna can’t pull off. But before you get too attached, don’t think the look is permanent. The star wore a lace-front wig, with the lace showing halfway down her forehead, jokingly captioning the pic, “What’s frontal?”


While it’s still unknown if Rihanna will be cutting off that lace and wearing the wig IRL, either way it’s obvious that soft blonde Rapunzel-esque tresses are totally a look Rihanna can own. And Twitter had LOTS to say about it/went into complete overdrive.

One follower wrote, “Rihanna has gone blonde. I knew my queen would lead me to the right decision.” While another wrote, “Rihanna hasn’t been blonde in years and if she doesn’t post more pictures well we’re gonna have a problem.” We second that.

Our personal fave? One fan wrote, “Wait, why did Rihanna and Demi go blonde at the same time omg I need to go back to sleep.”

Which brings us on to our next newly-blonde celeb, Demi Lovato.

Yesterday the singer shared a sneak peak of her stunning new look on her Instagram story, showing off a soft golden colour and sun-kissed highlights (anyone else getting major Jennifer Aniston vibes?). And it looks totally different from anything we’ve ever seen on her.

Demi Lovato

Yep – it’s completely stunning and definitely one to copy ASAP.

While Demi has been rocking her signature glossy dark brown hair for quite some time now, we’re seriously loving her new lighter and noticeably longer locks and we think it’s a refreshing change for the star.

“Demi’s had dark hair for a long time – we thought what better way to switch it up than to go lighter and add extensions for length?” Demi’s hair colourist Amber Maynard told Allure. “It was such a pretty yet also soft shade and we haven’t done a blonde like this before on Demi.”

According to Maynard, the process involved using Joico Color Intensity Eraser and Joico Blonde Life for the highlights. She added, “I custom-formulated her root shadow and toned with Joico Lumishine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color.”

If you’re looking for a lighter hair colour that isn’t too loud - Demi is your poster girl.

The third A-lister to have us wanting to colour ourselves blonde is Beyoncé, who’s opted for a daring platinum ice-white blonde hue. She stepped out in Paris over the weekend having switched her mane of honeyed caramel tones for peroxide blonde extensions mid-tour (where inspiration seems to have struck!) - and ooh she looks good!

Her beachy blonde locks were courtesy of her go-to hairstylist Neal Farinah (he’s been colouring Queen Bey’s hair for six years), who posted a photo of the singer with the caption, “I LET MY WORK SPEAKS”. It’s true - the new look DOES speak for itself.

While Beyoncé is no stranger to blonde hair, I think we’re all in agreement that her freshly coloured locks look *SO* damn good on stage. While it may not be a look for the faint hearted (or most dark brunette gals), it’s definitely for those looking to shake things up.

Before you think it must be something in the summer air that’s causing all these American celebs to jump on the blonde bandwagon, allow us to remind you that local celeb Jesinta Franklin recently upgraded her warm blonde hair with a striking icy blonde look, too.

Feeling inspired? It’s important to note that there are some crucial tools and techniques to ensuring your colour stays vibrant and fresh. No matter your natural base colour, your blonde highlights can change tone so we recommend opting for a purple shampoo and conditioner to help nix any yellow or brassy undertones.

If you’re looking for some more tips on how to go blonde, check out our article on what you need to know before you colour your hair.

Which one of these celebs is your new blonde hair inspiration? Let us know in the comment section below.

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