4 things to consider before you buy your next fragrance

This could save you from picking the wrong perfume

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Picking a fragrance is actually a bigger decision than you might think. “We know that certain scents can affect us both physically and emotionally, so we should choose a fragrance to heighten and enhance our wellbeing,” says Mary Hayward, Training and Education Manager at Coty Luxury. Here she shares her top fragrance tips.

#1 / They can create memories

Our brains can store up to 10,000 smells, both good and bad. The sense of smell is closely linked with emotion, and our memories of odours can stay with us from birth, bringing back fond memories. “Research shows that specific odours can
be used to reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve work performance, create moods, and improve sleep, memory and self-image,” reveals Hayward.

#2 / Your nose knows best

“Perfume is instinctual, which is why perfumers say to smell with your brain, not your nose,” Hayward explains. If you have an immediate positive response to a perfume, it’s probably the one for you. If you’re hesitant, take a sample and wear the fragrance for a day or two before you commit to buying it.

#3 / Where you spritz matters

Everyone is different and how a perfume interacts with your natural body warmth can influence its overall scent. Once you’ve done a sniff test on a card in-store, make sure you try it on your body before you head to the checkout counter. For date nights, spritz perfume on the warm zones of your body – the neck, décolletage, wrists, back of the knees and ankles. For those with sensitive skin, apply only on clothing – on the collar of your shirt, jacket or jumper. Applying a fragrance on fabric can extend the life of the scent and help it to evolve throughout the day. 

#4 / Look for feel-good notes

Hunt for mood-enhancing ingredients in your next fragrance. Neroli, lemon
and bergamot are nature’s antidepressants, while rose promotes a sense of comfort and lily of the valley increases alertness. Vanilla creates feelings of happiness and relaxation, and lavender is also known for its calming effect. Other known mood boosters include the uplifting notes found in jasmine, and the stimulating properties in cedar wood, peppermint and rosemary.

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