This hair product will give you natural-looking faux freckles

Emily Ratajkowski easy hack for fake freckles

We NEVER would have thought to use this!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 31 2018

It may be one of the most unexpected beauty trends to hit us, but freckles are all the rage and people are no longer interested in covering them up – and for those who don’t actually have freckles, well, they’re going to great lengths to add fake ones.

While there have been a few different techniques floating around for creating the look of freckles - such as dotting on waterproof eyeliner, or even going the semi-permanent route with freckle tattooing - this new beauty hack could make nabbing the sun-kissed look a whole lot easier.

In a Reddit thread on the subreddit Makeup Addiction, a user called sydoodle wrote, “Finally found a way to make natural looking faux freckles.” And the product she uses is completely unexpected.

The Redditor revealed her secret weapon is none other than a root cover-up spray. Yep! She credited L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Coverup in Medium Brown for helping her achieve natural-looking fake freckles with total ease.

She wrote, “Hold the nozzle down partway until it splatters and then spray away! Be careful to not press down too hard though.”

“It took me a while to get the technique down and sometimes it takes a few tries to get it to look good. It’s definitely very unpredictable but I feel like the randomness makes them look way more natural than dotting them on yourself!”

Not surprisingly, everyone on the thread went into a frenzy.

One Redditor wrote, “You definitely had me fooled, and they look great on you!” While another added, “Can't come to the phone right now. I'm shopping for root cover up spray so I can finally rock faux freckles. Please leave a message. Beeeeep.”

As for the staying power, sydoodle wrote, “Stays on and doesn’t smear! Washes off with all the face cleansers I’ve tried.”

A fellow Redditor commented, “I’ve always used some medium brown eyeshadow brushed into a hairbrush and lightly tapped on my face at random. I like how this turned out way better!!”

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What do you think of this fake freckles technique? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @emrata

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