TikTokers are using pasta strainers to perfect their curls

Still less weird than the sunscreen contouring hack

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 01 2023

The TikTok curl community is constantly coming up with new ways to innovate their curl care routines. 

Martha Kalifatidis swears by a silk scarf to set her curls, while others prefer the Denman brush curling method for encouraging curl definition.  

Creator Liz Fox Roseberry, on the other hand? She just learned that her pasta strainer is better at diffusing her waves than her diffuser…

Subsequently, Roseberry has inspired a handful of people to lay down their diffusers in lieu of the seemingly underrated kitchen utensil. 

“The root is still a little wet but I love how much volume this has,” said one TikTok creator. “My hair is longer now it’s harder for me to get volume.” 

“My only concern really is if you blow dry it on hot [the pasta strainer] may get a little hot for your hair,” she quipped. “You might want to make sure you blow dry using a cool to warm setting.”

@jena Strainer Curls? @foxcraftcustom & @kristy.sarah made me try this🙈 haha #curlyhair #strainerhack #strainerdiffuser #curls ♬ original sound - 🎧

Another took the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison — pasta strainer versus diffuser. 

“The diffuser will probably turn out better so I’m doing it second, which gives it a slight disadvantage,” she explained to the camera. “With the diffuser I can actually use a diffusing technique; I can hover first and then pixie diffuse, so I’m going to take full advantage of that.”

Her strategic approach with the diffuser head resulted in a more volumised finish. As for the pasta strainer technique? 

“I’m kind of surprised with how that turned out,” she admitted, admiring the curl definition she was able to achieve with a colander. 

@galhaswavyhair Obvi inspired by @Liz Fox Roseberry ♬ original sound - Gal - Wavy Hair Tips

Another TikToker, however, has sworn that it’s the one thing they will never do to their hair; “to each their own, but this is one trend I cannot get behind.”

Who knew curls could cause so much controversy? 

Using a pasta strainer as a diffuser isn’t the only bewildering hair hack on TikTok these days. Bella Hadid’s updo tutorial has left a few of her fans scratching their heads in confusion. 

Main image credit: @foxcraftcustom

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