5 tips that are going to make your fake tan look real

Advertorial: Say hello to a natural summer glow

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

With spring’s arrival, the warmer weather means it’s time to swap chunky knits for flirty dresses, pleated skirts and denim shorts. Which means one thing… hello bare skin! And because our limbs have mostly been in hiding for the last few months, they may need some help in the colour department. For the season ahead, use these tips to achieve a delicious coat of caramel colour that looks like you’ve just spent a summer in Europe.

Prepare properly

The secret to achieving a golden glow, that looks even all over? It’s all the in the preparation, so start by exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells before reaching for your tanning mousse. Whether you choose to use an exfoliating mitt, a body scrub or a chemical exfoliant (like a glycolic cleanser), use small, circular motions, and avoid scrubbing too hard or you could damage the skin’s delicate surface.

Blend it in everywhere

There’s nothing worse than a patchy tan, so opt for an easy-to-blend formula that’s made with nourishing oils, such as Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse. Not only does the light texture glide easily over skin, but the bronzed colour of the mousse acts like a guide to show you where you’ve already applied, and which areas have been missed.

Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse

TOP TIP: When applying with a mitt, make sure to blend a little at a time using circular motions.

Give it enough time to develop

To avoid having your fake tan rub off unevenly and streaks all over, you should always allow enough time for your fake tan to dry and develop properly. Our tip: wait a few minutes after you’ve applied your tan, and do the ‘touch test’ to check if it’s dry enough to get dressed, and pop on some loose clothing when your skin doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. Then, make sure you leave your tan to fully develop before showering. Some tans have been formulated to develop in hours, but Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse develops in just an hour, making it a top choice for when you don’t have much time to wait. Added bonus: the colour lasts for seven days.

Colour-match your skin

You may want to grab the darkest tan you can find, but to get the most natural-looking result, your best bet is to pick a colour that’s going to subtly enhance your natural skin tone. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse allows you to look believably sun-kissed as it comes in three shades with a green base (which eliminates the chance of looking orange).

Ditch the fake tan smell

A huge giveaway to wearing fake tan is the smell, so if you really want your faux glow to seem like the real deal, opt for a formula that’s light on the fake tan scent. These days, there are plenty to choose from, but Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse can leave your skin smelling fresh, making it an absolute winner.

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