Turns out we’ve been using dry shampoo the wrong way


marie claire marie claire and InStyle Assistant Digital Content Manager / March 03 2020

So you thought using dry shampoo was as simple as spritz and go? Not so fast.

To really breathe new life (and mega-volume) into limp, oily locks, it’s vital to let your dry shampoo sink into your hair before you massage it in. Think longer than 30 seconds – and more like five minutes. Minimum.

Local beauty queen Zoe Foster Blake first introduced us to this cardinal dry shampoo rule – she even goes one step further and sprays it in before she goes to sleep at night. The result? Waking up with the perfect level of bed hair dishevelment, and surprisingly clean-looking, voluminous locks.

We’ve since tested the theory ourselves and can confirm: this is the only way to dry shampoo. Simply spritz, sleep and shake out – if this isn’t the ultimate lazy girl’s hair hack, we don’t know what is.

Used too much dry shampoo? This hack will be a life-saver.

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Main image credit: @selenagomez

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