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Beautiful skin? Why yes, don’t mind if we do

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 18 2018

Whenever a Victoria’s Secret Angel spills her beauty secrets, trust us – we’re all ears. And if glowing, natural skin is what you’re after, take it from Georgia Fowler, who is an absolute role model for good skin.

So you can imagine our smug little selves when the New Zealand model dished out some of her essential skin care tips on her Instagram. She recently posted a stunning natural beauty snap on her feed, captioned “ask a question”.

Along with a standard “Will you marry me?” question x 500, it was her skin care routine that caught our attention. And can you blame us? Look at that dewy complexion! Those freckles! Yes. Please.

While it’s easy to think the model was just blessed with clear skin her whole life, it turns out she’s just like the rest of us. In response to someone asking if she ever experienced breakouts, Georgia wrote, “When I was younger yes, I saw a dermatologist who had me use very simple Cetaphil Cleanser and moisturiser and just a spot cream. As turns out so many face products end up drying out or causing your skin to worsen.”

Her advice? “I truly think less is more sometimes, find a few products that work for you, and stick to them,” she says. “Also [drink] lots of water and don’t touch, the minute I squeeze it all goes downhill.” 

While getting rid of a monstrous-looking pimple ASAP seems like the right way to go, squeezing and picking at your breakouts can force bacteria deeper into the skin, causing all kinds of nasty inflammation and infection.

For the best way to tackle blemishes, we suggest using an antibacterial spot treatment such as Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick, or reaching for a detox mask such as Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask to draw out the impurities. Read more about what not to do when you have a spot.

These days, Georgia says her skin care routine consists of using products from German-based skin care brand Dr Barbara Sturm. “I’ve just started using @drbarbarasturm skincare and it’s amazing,” she wrote.

And yes, it’s available in Australia! Yay!

If you’re still trying to get your skin care routine down pat, check out our tips on how to tailor your skin care products to your exact needs.

What are some of your favourite pimple-fighting treatments? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @georgiafowler

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