Watch this beauty blogger use art supplies as makeup

These challenges are starting to get out of hand!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

There’s no denying that beauty challenges have taken YouTube by storm in recent months with bloggers and vloggers alike either applying 100 layers of foundation, using zero brushes for a full face of makeup or attempting to create a flawless face using only liquid lipsticks. This time however, YouTuber MissTiffanyMa has upped the ante by using art supplies as a substitute for makeup products.

Tiffany begins the challenge by mixing red, blue, brown, green and white paint to create her foundation. The shade she ends up with is far from her skin colour but she still proceeds to blend it out with a damp sponge, leaving her complexion tinted pink.

She then scrapes off fragments of chalk to use as a setting powder, contour and blush, which she dusts onto her skin with a fluffy paintbrush. Next up she uses a glitter pack and glue stick to highlight the tops of her cheekbones (a move we’re sure her skin hates her for).

For her brows and eyes, Tiffany heats up coloured pencils first with a lighter and then hot water before smudging the colour throughout her brow hairs and underneath her lash line. Black paint is also used to create a winged line, which we have to admit looks pretty impressive. Lastly, coloured markers are used on her lips as lipstick. Yes really! She even says, “My lips taste funny. Ew, don’t lick your lips!”

Tiffany’s final look is definitely striking but we can’t help but think this challenge is a disaster waiting to happen. Makeup products have been specifically designed to work with the skin whilst art supplies certainly have not. So although her video is fun to watch we don’t recommend trying this challenge for yourself. For your own safety paint, coloured markers and pencils really shouldn’t come anywhere near your eyes, mouth or skin.

We just hope Tiffany cleansed her skin thoroughly straight after the video, and the marker lipstick came off!

To watch the challenge in full, check out the video below:

Image credit: MissTiffanyMa

Video credit: MissTiffanyMa

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