Madelyn Cline once shaved her eyebrow to get a hair appointment

That's commitment to colour upkeep

Digital Beauty Editor / April 05 2023

Celebs love to do bold things with their brows. Unlike some of the stars choosing to bleach their arches for aesthetic reasons, however, Madelyn Cline once took a big swing in the brow department to lock in a hair appointment.

Not sure how the two things are related? Allow us to elaborate...

Why did Madelyn Cline shave her eyebrow?

"One time, I shaved from here to here," Cline confessed in a Vogue video, gesturing from the arch to the tail of her left brow. "One of my friends offered to give me a music card and it was going to pay for my hair appointment the next day," she laughed.

"I didn't realise how slowly eyebrows grow back, [and] this one never quite grew back the same," Cline added. "But free appointment, you know what I mean? Like, hair's expensive." Honestly, we know exactly what she means. There's not much we'd sacrifice our brow shape for, but a fresh (and free) set of foils is up there.

Thinking Cline's referencing an old high school mistake? Nope. The 'friend' in question was Austin North, her Outer Banks co-star and the brow shaving occurred on video right after the show hit Netflix in 2020.

In fact, Cline tried to cover the 'needed a hair appointment' reasoning with a 'celebrating her show's success' explanation instead. "To celebrate @obx being NUMBER ONE on netflix today here is me shaving my eyebrow on a dare," she captioned the video. "Do we dare call it tomfoolery pt. 11?"

And yes, when she says 'eyebrow', she means it: it was just her left one. Symmetry was evidently not the goal here. FYI, yes, somehow she did pull it off. We don't know how, but she did...




Madelyn Cline's brow routine

Now that her left arch has grown back, Cline sticks to a low-maintenance routine for defining and shaping. "I don't do anything to my eyebrows, I just prefer to keep them the way they are, and then shape them when I do my makeup," she noted.

Product wise, she calls Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Pencil ($48 at Myer) her "holy grail". You can never go wrong with that one! We wonder if it was the same product she'd 'draw' the tail of her brow back in with during her shaved era...

Benefit Precisely My Eyebrow Pencil

Main image credit: @mimicuttrell

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