The surprising product you should be using in summer

It sounds counter-intuitive, but we swear by the benefits

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

When you think of the heat and humidity that comes with Australian summer days and nights, the mere mention of using a facial oil in your skin care routine from November to February may leave you thinking that we’ve gone nuts. 

After all, WHY would you load your skin with oil when you’re already trying to combat sweat and shine on a daily basis? As it turns out, regardless of the season, your skin can reap huge benefits from using a facial oil

“Facial oils are an essential part of your skin care regimen year-round. The nourishment, hydration and protection pure plant oils offer are beneficial regardless of the season. With the wealth of oils and blends now available though, you can switch them in and out to suit the season or the climate,” says Corinne Morley, Trilogy’s skin care expert. 

So if you love your facial oil, but are concerned about how your complexion will fare in the heat, simply swap the formulation. 

Morley says, “lighter, drier oils are really easy to wear in the summer,” and suggests you “look for oils that are known to provide a non-greasy after-feel.” 

She also recommends looking for the right ingredients for the summer months. “Rosehip oil is recognised as being a ‘dry oil’ so it’s a great place to start, and will keep skin hydrated and moisturised during long hot days outside. Antioxidants are essential - look for ingredients like tomato and acai seed oils. Coco-caprylate is another one to look out for. It’s a new natural ingredient derived from coconut oil that acts as a ‘natural silicon’ to provide an amazing silky matte feel on the skin.” 

As for application, Morley has the perfect tip to make sure your oil absorbs quickly and easily so you get maximum skin benefits without feeling like an oil slick: “It’s best to apply your beauty oil after cleansing, when the skin is still slightly damp to trap extra moisture in the skin. Because pure plant oils are so full of goodness, your skin only needs a small amount. If you have an oily residue on your skin, you’re probably using too much!” 

Summer oils to try 

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend: “This has been designed specifically for hot, humid climates or oily-complexion skin types. It has a very light feel, thanks to the inclusion of jojoba and grapeseed oils, and absorbs instantly. It helps to balance oil production and clarify skin, making it a great option if your skin becomes oilier over the hotter months,” says Morley. 

Jouer Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil: This lightweight formulation contains jojoba oil to help balance the skin’s natural oil production, while neem oil works to tone skin and fight bacteria that can lead to pimples and breakouts, making it a great option for acne-prone skin. 

Avon Miracle Glow Lightweight Facial Oil: Don’t be fooled by the clear appearance of this oil – it’s packed with five seed oils that will nourish and hydrated your skin, while absorbing quickly and leaving your complexion with a non-greasy finish.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend

Jouer Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil

Avon Miracle Glow Lightweight Facial Oil

Convinced that a facial oil is your new summer skin care staple? Here’s exactly how you should apply facial oil to get the most benefit from the ingredients.

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