Meet 'teeth bangs', the fringe style for anyone frightened of fringes

It's not as scary as it sounds

Editor / April 06 2023

Don't let the name put you off; 'teeth bangs' are far more chic than they are scary. If a full fringe is too much commitment (or just too much hair on your face) for your liking, a wispy, see-through take on bangs could be a far more inviting option.

Here's everything you need to know about the 'teeth bangs' trend...

What are 'teeth bangs'?

The cousin of the 'curtain fringe' which leaves similar amounts of forehead visible (just in a different way), 'teeth bangs' are all about committing to the classic full fringe shape, but thinning it out to leave jagged 'triangles' of forehead uncovered.

The goal is the same (to add a set of bangs that don't leave your hair looking like a helmet), the execution (AKA the shape and cutting style) is just a little different.

Also referred to as 'see-through bangs', the wispy fringe look is quite flattering. If you've got a larger forehead, they can be chopped at whatever length best flatters it, but if you've got a smaller forehead (AKA fall into the category of people often told bangs won't suit them), they'll work a treat. By leaving slithers of the forehead visible every few centimetres, the look won't overwhelm or 'swallow' your face unlike other fringe styles.

The vibe of 'teeth bangs' is wispy and featherlight! See, we told you they weren't as scary as they sounded...




How to ask your hairdresser for 'teeth bangs'

Here's our first tip: don't try to cut 'teeth bangs' yourself. You need a solid technique and a specific pair of scissors, both of which your hairdresser can offer. To request the look, ask for a wispy, feathery front fringe with plenty of separation. Photos will be essential to showcase the 'triangular teeth' vibe, but generally, their 'point cut' skills will be the secret to getting it right.

A reference photo will also show your hairdresser exactly how many 'teeth' you want your bangs to have. Some adaptors of the trend like having jagged pieces all the way across the forehead, whereas some prefer just a few 'statement' teeth. Again, apologies for how spooky that sounds...

How to style 'teeth bangs'

See-through-style bangs are also a great move for anyone who doesn't like to commit to a cut that comes with a hefty maintenance or styling routine.

Unlike with curtain bangs, 'shaping' the pieces isn't as time-consuming; they're 
supposed to fall a little haphazardly. All you have to do is rake your fingers through them every so often to create separation and keep them from clumping, and you'll be golden!



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