Is this the full coverage foundation you’ve been waiting for?

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation

Here’s what our Review Crew® thought of the dance floor-proof foundation

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 25 2017

The product

If you’re constantly on the hunt for a full coverage matte foundation that won’t disappear by lunchtime (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) – then the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation might be perfect for you. The liquid foundation has been specifically formulated to create a flawless full coverage finish that lasts for up to 24 hours without leaving the skin looking cakey and unnatural.

The panel

We sent Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation to a panel of women aged between 18 to 35 who were looking for a foundation that left their skin flawless and selfie-ready for up to 24 hours.

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté All Hours Foundation:

How long the foundation lasted: One of the main things the Review Crew® loved about the foundation was how long and how well it lasted throughout the day, with many commenting that not only were touch-ups unnecessary, but their makeup looked just as good at the end of the day as it did when they left the house first thing in the morning.

The flawless finish it created: Testers were also impressed with the flawless, full coverage finish of the foundation. Additionally, many were pleased with how natural and smooth the foundation looked, even after multiple layers were applied.

How the matte finish minimised shine: Many reviewers mentioned how effectively the matte finish was able to control shine and oil production throughout the day. Testers with oily to combination skin were especially impressed, with many claiming they had discovered their new Holy Grail foundation.

Good to know: Some reviewers did note that the matte foundation clung to dry patches of skin, however they all said that this was avoidable when a hydrating moisturiser or primer had been applied to the skin immediately before application.

The verdict

"I put this product to the test for an all-day function, and I was very happy with the results. The coverage that All Hours provides is full (without appearing cakey) and no touch-ups were required throughout the day. I was particularly happy with how the size of my pores appeared smaller, as I’ve always been self-conscious about that. That’s a win for me, and I would definitely recommend!"
Review Crew® member
"Wow! This foundation is a godsend! If you want to come home looking exactly the same as when you left then this is the foundation for you! It goes on smoothly using a brush or beautyblender and dries well on skin. I loved the fruity scent! I loved the matte finish and how I wasn't left with shine by the end of the day!"
Review Crew® member
"I had the privilege of trying this foundation out! I have oily/combination skin and it is so hard to find a foundation that actually lasts more then a couple of hours on my skin; this foundation not only lasted all day but also prevented me from looking like a hot oily mess. This foundation is definitely worth the price especially if you have oily and combination skin and want a long-lasting foundation!"
Review Crew® member

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*This star rating is based on 96 reviews and is correct as of 25/09/2017

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