The budget buys Zoë Foster Blake uses to dye her eyebrows and hair in lockdown

And compare herself to a Sesame Street character while she's at it

July 22 2021

Zoë Foster Blake is nothing if not resourceful. TBH, glowy is the first word we think of, but resourceful is right behind it. Because in the midst of lockdown (with two kids, a skin care brand and witty words to write), anyone would be forgiven for letting their brows/hair go a little. But not Foster Blake; nope, she decided to commit to a refresh in both departments, DIY style.

"Guys please give a warm welcome to my new brow specialist, who was able to fit me in for brows despite lockdown," she joked via Instagram Stories. Spoiler alert: Said brow specialist was in fact her. Her tint of choice? 1000 Hour's Lash & Brow Dye Kit ($17.99 at Chemist Warehouse) in the shade 'Brown/Black'.

You may be thinking "hmm, that seems a little darker than Foster Blake's arches usually are", and you would be right on the money (go you). But her reasoning was razor sharp: "Brown black shade despite light brown hair cos no danger of red," she shared. It's an excellent point, too; it's super important to consider the tone (warm or cool) of any tint as well as the actual colour to avoid major disappointment.

She didn't stop at brows, either: "Found someone to look after my hair too. She's definitely not my forever colourist, but she was wide open on avails so I went for it," she shared. As for the colour, Foster Blake chose Revlon Professional's Nutri Colour Creme 3 in Cocktail in Pearly Beige ($25 at Oz Hair and Beauty) to revive her shade without too much risk: "Cool/ashy light brown tones. I leave on for 15 mins for a decenty refresh," she explained. Not only will a colour creme like this one bring your colour back from the dead a bit, but it'll also leave strands significantly silkier and shinier.

As for her nails, she decided to leave those bad boys bare for now. "Manicurist position still wide open," she quipped. 2/3 ain't bad.

You know the saying 'trust the process'? You'll want to keep that in mind mid-application if following suit; things can look a little, er, intense while the dye does its thing.

Foster Blake took a stunning selfie to share exactly who she thought she resembled pre-rinse; none other than Bert from Sesame Street. Say what you want, but the guy's always got his brows (or brow, rather) in tip-top shape.

Luckily the 'muppet' moment only lasted so long (or six minutes according to the kit's instructions), and Foster Blake's brows were soon back to their full, fluffy and freshly tinted glory. She shared the final product ("Is good! Fakes a fresh shape, almost") alongside a last pearl of wisdom: "Someone tells me men's cover-the-greys hair dye is even better."

We'll stay tuned in hopes that she'll test that theory out soon...

Images via: @zotheysay

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