The products Zoe Foster Blake uses for a glowy face in 5 minutes flat

Zoe Foster Blake everyday makeup

Permission to snooze your alarm

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 27 2018

Every now and then Zoe Foster Blake casually shares some of her fave beauty things that actually work, and when she does we thank the beauty gods, give you the lowdown, then proceed to buy ALL of said beauty things. Why? Because the girl knows what’s up.

So, when she recently revealed how she nabs a fresh, vibrant face of makeup in five minutes flat, our fingers couldn’t scroll fast enough to read what she puts on her everyday face.

According to her Instagram post, the first step is to use a tinted moisturiser. And Zoe’s fave is her fancy new Zincredible Tinted Moisturiser (shock!), the latest addition to her Go-To range. But, we can totally see why. It not only gives you a clear, radiant complexion; it’s also lightweight, non-greasy/gross and contains broad-spectrum zinc oxide SPF 15. “Tis my everyday face fix! My awake-faker! My skin perfector!” says Zoe.

And while we know Zoe counts Tarte Cosmetics Creaseless Concealer as one of her long-time faves, it turns out there’s another cult-favourite concealer that has stolen her heart. “IT Cosmetics Bye Bye undereye concealer - creamy, long-lasting, brightening as HECK. I use in upside down triangles under my eyes, around nose, on pigmentation, plus a touch on chin/centre of forehead to brighten the whole biz.”

Next up is her current favourite brow fixer-upper – and we are freaking out with excitement because it’s *super* affordable and we’re all about a good bargain that actually works! “Nyx tinted brow mascara - adds tint and keeps brows in place. Best! Also: cheap!”

In the past Zoe has talked of her love for a good tubular mascara (just read here), but says NARS Climax Mascara is perfect for a quick, everyday job. “Nars Climax mascara - good, big, but I still prefer tubular,” she wrote.

On the blush front, Zoe reaches for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Blush – a pretty AF palette that’ll both give you a touch of colour on your cheeks and a subtle glow. Zoe says it’ll “make you feel 2018 luminous cheeks...not 2004”.

As for her lips, she uses the celeb-favourite Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick, writing, “just a very good nude, really”. If you’re always looking for a great nude lippie to add to your collection (we certainly are!), this might just be your new Holy Grail. But you’ll have to be quick, it’s currently in stock but sells out *all* the time.

“And that’s my everyday face. (For fancy face days, I use regular Zincredible, then follow with foundation.) Get the hint! Use a tint!” writes Zoe.

Voila! An easy-peasy Zoe Foster Blake ‘no makeup’ makeup look in five minutes flat.

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What’s one of your everyday makeup staples? Let us know in the comment section below.

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