Zoë Kravitz just shared her winged liner wisdom for making eyes look bigger

Tips from the liner queen herself

Digital Beauty Editor / November 09 2020

Scrolling through pics of Zoë Kravitz can definitely be dangerous – it takes just about everything in us not to send them all to the group chat alongside the message ‘can we pull off this crop?”

But while her painfully chic haircut definitely lives rent free in our minds, it’s not the only part of her beauty look we’ll spend the rest of our lives trying to replicate. Yep, on top of being insanely gorgeous and talented, she’s also quite the cat-eye connoisseur.

As anyone who’s ever worn eyeliner knows, however, the ‘getting it on’ stage isn’t exactly the most fun. Kravitz, though, says that the makeup-free months of quarantine have helped her to actually learn to relish in the experience.

“Getting ready feels good — paying attention to yourself like that,” she recently told Allure. “I think [self-isolating] made me realise how much I miss and love the ritual of the whole thing. [It’s] the transition from your 'home self' to 'out self,' you know? I think it's mentally very important."

Aforementioned winger liner is in fact an important aspect of Kravitz’ ‘out self’. “I love a liquid liner”, she shared, noting that her beauty go-to’s are all about playing up her favourite features. "I really think [makeup] is a tool to highlight the qualities of yourself that you love.”

As for Kravitz' application advice, success comes down to tailoring the shape of your liner to your face (which yes, does mean that her tips might not work for everybody).

"I've been paying a lot of attention to understanding eye shape and understanding what kind of a line works for you," she explained, confirming that she personally prefers a subtle slick as her own eyes are rounded but small and can easily be overwhelmed by a heavy line.

So, to achieve lift and definition without weighing them down, she focuses her efforts on the outer areas: "When I do a liquid liner, I start more on the end and go out, which makes my eyes look bigger," she shared.

"If you want your eyes to lift, you don't want [the eyeliner] to be too heavy or it's going to have the opposite effect — it's all about where the line starts, where it stops, and the angle.” Can we get an amen?

Main image credit: @zoeisabellakravitz

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