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Content Producer / December 20 2023

As the calendar ticks to 2024, the world of beauty is poised on the cusp of a transformative era. With TikTok dominating the scene yet again in 2023, makeup trends are shifting faster than ever before, with old foes (like concealer lips) making a reappearance much sooner than we would have hoped.

As such, we’re expecting a solid shift from the leading styles of 2023. Say goodbye to the slew of ‘clean girl makeup’ looks and super glowy makeup bases; here, we predict 2024’s biggest makeup trends, as aided by the tastemakers themselves, social media users.

Matte/satin skin 

Gone are the days of high-shine, glossy finishes. The focus in 2024 is on matte and satin skin that offers a natural yet sophisticated appearance. 

Users on r/BeautyGuruChatter supported this idea through discussion of the currently-trending ‘glazed donut skin’, popularised by Hailey Bieber.

“I wonder if we have pushed the envelope on dewy glossy glistening donut skin to the point where there’s going to be a pendulum swing back to a truly matte 90s look,” wrote u/enchiladataco

Grunge makeup 

In stark contrast to the 'clean girl' makeup that dominated 2023, 2024 sees the rise of grunge-inspired looks. This style is characterised by its edgy, undone aesthetic - think smudged eyeliner, dark lip colors, and a generally more rebellious approach to makeup. The grunge makeup trend is a nod to the '90s, offering a raw and authentic alternative to the polished, minimalistic looks of the past.

TikTok has already witnessed this aesthetic popping up under the title of ‘soft grunge makeup’.

Decreasing popularity of celebrity-owned beauty brands

It’s no secret that the market for celebrity beauty brands is highly saturated. With so many names and so much competition, it’s not hard to predict that consumers will (if they already haven’t) become bored.

Read more about the ‘death of the celebrity beauty brand’ here.

Silver-y eye glitter

Complementing the shift to matte skin finishes, to add a touch of glamour and fantasy, it’s expected that 2024 will reintroduce glitters, specifically in shades of silver. This trend is all about futuristic, ethereal accents. Unlike the chunky glitters of the past, these are fine, sophisticated, and versatile. They can be used subtly for a hint of shimmer or layered for a bold, statement look. Perfect for eye makeup, nail art, or highlighting, silvery glitters are set to be a staple in makeup kits.

This look was seen across NYFW’s S/S shows.


Main image credit: @bellahadid

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