This is the 'best skin care tip' Hailey Bieber has ever learned


Editor / May 23 2023

If the category is ‘skin care wisdom’, there’s nobody we’d be quicker to take advice from than Hailey Bieber. Starting the 'glazed donut' movement is basically the ultimate qualification.

But Bieber herself is quick to credit the pros who’ve helped her get her knowledge to where it is now – in fact, she’s just named the ‘best skin tip’ she’s ever heard. Big label! Here's what you need to know...

Hailey Bieber’s best skin tip is… tretinoin

Bieber might be the queen of glazing fluids and peptide-packed formulas, but she does rely on some more intensive ingredients, too. She just delivers them to her skin a bit differently…

“This year is the year I got serious about trying to incorporate tretinoin,” Bieber shared in a chat with Marie Claire UK, referencing the prescription-only acne and ageing treatment ingredient that's coming for retinol's crown.

Tretinoin is basically a prescription-strength topical cream or gel that acts as a retinol alternative, but is even stronger. So as you can probably guess, it should be treated with a fair amount of caution...

Luckily, Bieber has a solid strategy. “I'm now over 25 — which I know is still very, very young — but that's a good age to start. You know skin cycling? It became popular on TikTok via Whitney Bowe, the dermatologist,” she explained.

“That's my approach to [using tretinoin]. I use a super gentle, baby percentage of it, but I really do want to be able to use it forever and work my way up to that. It keeps the texture of my skin looking even — it's good for glow, too. But the key is spacing out the application and layering it with calming things.”

That brings us to the tip getting all the hype: let's talk 'skin sandwiching'...


Hailey Bieber’s skin sandwiching method

“The best skin tip I ever learned was from [esthetician] Charlotte Palermino — and that's the concept of skin sandwiching,” Bieber confirmed. “It's the only way I approach tretinoin. You put a layer of hydrating skin care on, then the retinol or tretinoin, and then another layer of hydration. It prevents the tretinoin uglies!"

Wondering what the ‘tretinoin uglies’ are? Valid. The term basically refers to the period of adjustment your skin goes through upon meeting tretinoin, where symptoms like dryness, flakiness, and redness can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Like Bieber explained, skin sandwiching is a stellar way to try and avoid it altogether, reaping tretinoin’s benefits without the tough times. A coating of moisturiser, a little bit of your prescription topical, and then another generous helping of hydration.

Well, there you have it: another skin care gift Bieber has granted us. Sandwiching is an approach that works for retinol, too, FYI! Here’s how to master the art of that...

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