The 3 products Hailey Bieber uses for cool-girl tousled texture

And one's practically free

Digital Beauty Editor / May 13 2021

We talk about Hailey Bieber’s face a lot (and with very good reason – her flawless complexion is the result of a very diligent skin care routine). However, said glowy skin could definitely be accused of stealing the spotlight from another of her standout features: her flowing golden hair.

Because while she might have swapped her bright blonde for her natural bronde a few months back, one thing has stayed solid: the phenomenal texture she shows off whenever she’s embracing her signature ‘cool-girl’ waves.

So, in our eternal quest to have hair like Bieber herself, we went on a hunt to find out just which hair products were behind the covetable look. Luckily, her hair stylist Amanda Lee recently took to IGTV to share the two that she refers to as her “most-used” options: “a good texturising spray and a good dry shampoo.” Simple: we love to see it.


Dry shampoo is always a good choice; even supermodels aren’t immune to oily roots, you guys. In this case, though, it’s used for more of a styling purpose than a wash-extending one. Lee says she actually reaches for it to give completely clean hair a little extra oomph when it's looking lifeless.

“I use dry shampoo on roots to anticipate the oil build-up and give volume right off the bat,” she explained, naming this bargain buy as her favourite option – it’s only $9 and we are not mad about it.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo Original

Once the top is taken care of, you’re going to want to focus your attention on the mid-lengths to ends. Lee recommends spritzing your favourite texturising spray from just below your ears all the way down, scrunching with your hands as you go to add grit and (in a twist that will shock absolutely nobody), texture.

FYI, her fave sea salt spritz is only 15 bucks, and it'll work wonders when it comes to securing the mermaid-esque vibe you've been lusting after. "What this is going to do is add that nice beachy, sea-tossed texture that we all love,” she confirmed via the video. Huzzah, just what we wanted!

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturising Sea Salt Spray

Lee isn't the only one of Bieber's go-to hair stylists to drop words of wisdom, either. In one of the model's recent YouTube videos, hair guru Jen Atkin shared an ingenious hack for creating grip, sheen and longevity (as opposed to the piecier texture salt spray gives you) when blow-drying.

"I'm actually doing an old 1950s hairdresser trick, and I put a little bit of sugar with my water so that it helps to set the water as I'm blowing it out," she explained. Yep, it's that simple; pop a bit of sugar into a spray bottle filled with water, and you're good to go.

We love this tactic for two reasons. One; it's practically free; who doesn't have sugar in their cupboard? And two, considering Atkin has her very own hair line (Ouai, ICYMI), a non-product product recommendation from her means a lot.

YouTube/Hailey Rhode Bieber

Long story short, yes, we will absolutely answer to ‘Mrs Bieber’ if you want to go with that – seems only fair now that our strands look strikingly similar.

Main image credit: @amandaleehair

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