3 women spend 24 hours being #styledwithdyson

See how the hair tool fairs in real life…

September 15 2020

After seven years in the making, the launch of Dyson’s first-ever straightener was highly anticipated.

Unlike any other hair tool on the market, the Dyson Corrale™ features flexible plates that gather the hair for enhanced styling with less heat, and of course, the cordless functionality that means free and easy styling, with no tangles or obstacles in the way. Genius.

But like all things in beauty, finding the right product comes down to how it suits the individual and their needs. So we asked three of our editors to spend 24 hours being #styledwithdyson, road-testing the Corrale™ in real life and sharing their thoughts…

Meet: Briar

Hair type: Wavy and thick

7:00 am

I’m not one to wash my hair every day (if you have thick hair, you’ll feel me) so I decided to opt for a sleek look for work to make the most of that day two natural oil. I have coarse hair that laughs in the face of low temperature settings, so I had no hesitation in choosing the 210° heat setting.
What impressed me straight away was how fast the Corrale™ heated up. I’d barely finished spritzing heat protectant when it announced it was ready. Having a need for speed (I was late for the bus, standard)
I was able to straighten my hair in about 10 minutes. And despite my ninja fast movements and the high heat setting, nobody was hurt.
The Corrale™ felt really evenly weighted in my hand, so I had great control. I also love the angled top edges it has. Speaking as someone who’s suffered many neck burns from rounded ones, it’s a smart move.


Once at the office I was frazzled (being late will do that), and usually my hair would follow suit requiring taming stat. But I found the silky finish from the morning had held well despite the commute and I didn’t reach for my hair brush or oil like I usually do. I’d brought the Corrale™ with me just in case, and while I didn’t use it throughout the day, it was good to experience how portable it is (plus it looked damn good on my desk, a very important factor).



Once home, I was excited to have an excuse to use the Corrale™ again as I got ready for dinner with friends. I can’t curl to save my life (although I feel if any tool could help me, the Corrale™ could), and so I simply relaxed the sleek look from the day by adding some texture to my ends using some flicking motions. This took no more than five minutes so I had ample time for selfies (excellent). As I went to turn the Corrale™ off, I noticed it still had plenty of battery despite using it cordless both in the morning and evening. If you’re a similar fast styler like me, you’d probably get away with a few days of battery life – a huge bonus for travel.

Meet: Ruby

Hair type: Fine with a slight wave


I’m a terrible morning person, so I’d already washed and dried my hair the night before to save time, leaving me 20 minutes in the morning to style. I decided to go with a natural, beachy ‘bent’ wave look that I’d previously seen on YouTube. The technique is basically moving your wrist forward and back in a ‘flick’ movement. I found it quite easy to master with the Corrale™, which seemed to gather and glide through the hair seamlessly.

I had the Corrale™ set to 185°, which was a lower temp than I’m used to with other straighteners, but I thought it would be more suitable for my finer hair. It was hot enough to create the waves and hold the style, and I felt so much better about it being under 200°.


I go to the gym most lunchtimes, so I took the Corrale™ with me to help with a post-sweat sesh style. It still had plenty of battery left from my morning session, so I’d been able to leave the cord at home which was super convenient.

I did a half-up, half-down style quickly in the change rooms after my class, which is the perfect post work-out option as I can slick back the top (sweatier) part of my hair, while still showing off my freshly washed hair underneath.

I did a different type of curl this time, amping up the volume with more of a bouncy, barrel-type curl. I was out and headed back to work so much faster than usual because I didn’t have to wait in line for others to finish using the straighteners or find a power point. Such a bonus.


Once home I noticed that my curls from the half-up half-down were still intact. This never happens without hairspray, because my hair is so fine and usually drops. I was pretty impressed as it’s the closest I’ve ever come to creating something so salon-quality myself.

I also felt that by using the Corrale™ rather than my regular straightener, I was making an investment into the future health of my hair. I didn’t feel as though my hair was being ‘sizzled’ by the heat, despite using it twice that day.

Meet: Pema

Hair type: Naturally wavy and frizzy


I woke up to some, er, interesting hair. I’m currently in a stage where my grown-out lob is somehow both flat and unruly at the same time, which can make it tricky to style. I was hoping to get to the office early, so rather than trying to tame the beast, I attempted to work with the texture and added in some curls. I set the Corrale™ to 185°, which I thought would be hot enough for a fast styling, but also not the hottest of 210° for my poor, damaged hair.

It turned out to be the right choice, as I was able to style fast and create curls in big sections. But that wasn’t even the best bit. The fact it’s cordless = total game-changer. The Corrale™  felt really controlled in my hand and through the hair, and I never found myself going over the same area twice. This was a particular relief for me as I really, really don’t need any extra hair damage right now.


I thought I was risking a short-lived style using a lower temperature, but the curls seemed to stay put, even after a brief coffee run in the rain! My damaged hair usually means I have a lot of frizz come through despite styling, but the smooth finish remained intact throughout the day.



I had to attend a work event straight from the office, and the outfit change I’d brought with me called for a straighter look. I brought out the Corrale™ and straightened my hair (at my desk with no need for a powerpoint, no less) and my hair was ready to go in about two minutes flat. I’d usually be mortified at having used heat on my hair twice in one day, but the intelligent heat control of the Corrale™ (which regulates the temperature 100 times per second) gave me peace of mind knowing it would never exceed whatever heat temperature I set it on.

Rather than leaving the Corrale™ stranded at the office, I took it with me to the work event in my handbag so I could use it again the next morning. Despite looking so chic and sleek, the Corrale™ is actually really durable as well, so I wasn’t worried about it being loose in there and got it home safe and sound no problem. I do love that it can just be toted around like that – super convenient.

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