How to create effortless ‘It Girl Waves’ thanks to the Dyson Corrale straightener

Cool-girl hair just got real easy

October 01 2020

2020 has brought us plenty of hair trends, but none as sought-after as the ‘it girl wave’.

The style oozes effortless cool and is the kind of ‘not trying too hard’ texture that we always presumed was harder to create than it looks, until now.

In an Expert vs Editor challenge, BEAUTYcrew’s Sam tasked Dyson’s Styling Ambassador, Peter Thomsen, with not only nailing the look but making it easy enough for Sam to pull off too.

What would normally be a difficult task turned out to be a breeze thanks to the Dyson Corrale™ straightener. With flexing plates that gather the hair for enhanced styling with less heat, the S-wave technique was easily sealed in each section. Plus, the cordless capabilities meant Sam had no trouble copying Peter’s moves.

Watch the video above to see how this game-changing tool made the ‘It Girl Wave’ a cinch.

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