3 salon treatments to repair damaged hair

Go to a pro for better locks

Still can’t get your hair to look shiny and feel silky smooth even with the correct products and styling techniques? An in-salon treatment can work wonders to repair long-term damage to hair  as you’ll get more intense results that only a professional can offer. Here are the newest and best hair treatments to try.

#1 / Redken Heatcure In-Salon Total Hair Restoration Treatment

How it works: Redken’s new Heatcure treatment is truly innovative, and is something that will satisfy all hair types. The process begins with a shampoo and quick towel dry, then hair is sectioned off to allow an even application of formula (a cocktail that contains proteins, conditioners and waxes to smooth and strengthen locks). Interestingly, to further penetrate the product into the hair, what looks to be an oversized straightener that’s strategically heated to 140 degrees is used. While the sizzling sound may be alarming at first, rest assured it’s just the intense heat working its magic. To finish, hair is rinsed and completely dried.
Good to know: Results of smoother and shinier hair last up to 10 washes, and additional in-salon Self-Heating treatments allow you to extend the look and feel of your hair and claims to repair up to one year of existing damage to the hair’s surface.

#2 / Goldwell Kerasilk Premium Hair Care

How it works: With so many hair colours and types in the world, it only makes sense to use a customised treatment. The new Goldwell Kerasilk treatments feature four variants: there’s ‘Control’ that contains keratin to strengthen, ‘Reconstruct’ to reverse signs of damage, ‘Repower’ to support fine hair, and ‘Color’ to boost vibrancy. Most results last up to 10 washes, while the ‘Control’ treatment keeps hair smooth and soft for up to five months.
Good to know: Additional take-home products may be prescribed to keep hair looking just as good as when you walk out of your appointment.

#3 / Wella System Professional Energycode Complex

How it works: Dull, limp hair can leave your tresses looking tired., The new Wella Energycode Complex aims to fix these common hair concerns. To start, the consultant inspects your hair up close with a hand-held microscope, then a questionnaire is filled out by you to help your hairdresser determine the right products for you to use and take home (believe it or not, there can be up to 174 million combinations!). Hair is then washed and treated using the prescribed products.
Good to know: Special ingredients include caffeine to increase blood circulation in the scalp, lipids to strengthen natural keratin bonds in hair, vitamin B for added moisture, and histidine to protect from free radical damage. Available from February 2017 onwards.

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