4 food fixes to improve your health

Up your productivity with these meals

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

Finding it hard to pack work, exercise and social activities into your day? If you’re struggling to feel motivated, energised and on top of your life in general, it could all be due to what you’re eating. We spoke to dietician and author of Shape Me, Susie Burrell, for her best tips for upping your productivity through healthy eating from morning to night.


If you’re… finding it hard to wake up in the morning

The cause: Poor sleep, general fatigue, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalance
The food to fix it: A good breakfast is the way to go. “Nutrient-rich breakfast choices like a banana smoothie, eggs on toast, or a bowl of oats and Greek yoghurt can help kickstart metabolism,” says Burrell. “Also, some caffeine such as coffee or tea can boost metabolic rate, too.”


If your… mind is cluttered, and you can’t concentrate at work

The cause: Unstable blood glucose levels, too much caffeine, dehydration
The food to fix it: It may seem obvious, but upping your hydration throughout the day can help fix this problem. “Drink more water, at least two litres per day,” continues Burrell. “And don’t forget to watch the coffee and aim to eat small meals with carbs and protein such as Greek yoghurt and fruit, cheese and crackers, or a tuna sandwich every three to four hours.”


If you’re… lacking energy

The cause: Too few carbohydrates, dehydration
The food to fix it: It’s a common misconception that carbohydrates are bad for you, but they’re a great source of energy for your body. “Try wholegrain low GI carbs at each meal and snack, such as one slice of wholegrain bread, half a cup of brown rice or quinoa, fruit or some dairy as well as two litres of water each day.”


If you… can’t get to sleep at night

The cause: Stress, insomnia, too much caffeine or sugar
The food to fix it: It may sound cliché, but this drink could help you get some more shut-eye at night. “Try a glass of warm milk at night to release feel-good neurotransmitters, which may help you to relax and calm down,” finishes Burrell.

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