6 reasons why we love rollerball fragrances

Adorable and affordable is just the beginning

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 26 2021

With so many fragrances launching every month, it’s impossible to collect them all. Not only are the full-sized versions dearer, they’re also so big that it’s difficult to finish each and every one in your lifetime. 

The solution? Rollerball fragrances. They’re the perfect way to get your hands on a scented sample of all the latest fragrance releases. Here’s our top six reasons for investing in rollerball fragrances.

They’re travel-friendly

Have you ever tried to pack a fragrance in your suitcase, only to have it leak or (worst-case scenario) shatter all over your favourite silk blouse? That’s why rollerball fragrances are essential for smart travellers: their skinny design makes them a dream to pop in your toiletries bag.

They’re economical.

If you’re like me and have never finished a full-sized bottle of perfume, then rollerballs are a great option to consider. Usually standing at under 10mL, these teensy versions take much less time to finish. That sense of accomplishment just got that much closer.

They’re great for targeted application

Do you ever wonder how much perfume you waste when you’re spritzing it in your hair or clothes? Instead, focus on certain areas like pulse points, where the heat from your body will activate the scent more intensely than any other areas on your body.

They’re absolutely adorable to look at

I can’t get enough of novelty things, and rollerball fragrances are no exception. Not only do they come in compact shape (usually skinny enough to slip into a pocket or purse), they’re also usually adorned in packaging that reference the original full-size version.

They’re so much cheaper than the full-size version

Forget forking out more than $50 (or even $100) for your favourite spritz, you’ll find most rollerball versions for less than $25. Plus, you’ll never have to feel guilty about having more than a handful of fragrances on the go at the same time again. Their tiny size means that they won’t take up much room, so you can get one that matches every mood you’re in.

Fragrances make great gifts too

Seeing as they’re cheaper than a full-sized fragrance, they’re a great option for when you’re stuck for present ideas.

DIOR Miss Dior Rose N'Roses Eau De Toilette Roller-Pearl Fragrance

Burberry Her EDP Rollerball

Chloé Nomade EDP Rollerball

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