8 summer body dilemmas solved

The simple solutions for summer’s pesky body problems

Marie Claire Contributor / May 25 2017

Summer is a time to show off your body, which unfortunately means there’s no room to hide those common body concerns like dry skin, bacne and ingrown hairs.

In preparation for beach days and balmy nights, we’ve prepared your go-to guide for solving your biggest body care concerns when the temperatures soar.

Problem: Keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin)

Solution: Usually seen on the upper arms and thighs, this is the result of keratin build-up in the hair follicle, which leaves skin red and spotty. Forget scrubbing because you can’t buff these bumps away; instead, Lisa Sullivan-Smith, co-director of The Clinic recommends chemical exfoliation with a lactic acid lotion to dissolve the plugs.

Problem: Bacne

Solution: If you’re prone to back acne (or even buttne), Sullivan-Smith suggests skipping your regular soap and using a targeted body wash like Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser twice a day.

Natio Acne Clear Body Daily Purifying Body Cleanser

Problem: Dry limbs

Solution: Give thirsty summer skin a radiance boost with a scrub that contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or granular particles, like Premium Spa SOS Wonder Scrub. Work into your skin using circular motions. Then follow with an antioxidant-rich body oil to restore hydration and repair UV damage.

Premium Spa SOS Wonder Scrub

TOP TIP: For extra nourishment, apply the oil when you've just come out the shower and your limbs are still a bit wet.

Problem: Ingrown hairs

Solution: Your first instinct is to pick at them, but you’ll run the risk of scarring, warns Sullivan-Smith. Instead, keep the area clean and exfoliate with a gentle scrub. To prevent ingrowns in the future, incorporate an alpha hydroxy acid body lotion or exfoliating pad into your routine, such as Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads, especially in the days pre- and post-hair removal.

Problem: Dehydrated skin

Solution: Despite the warmer weather, ducking in and out of air conditioning can dry out your skin. Smooth on Sisley Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-Sun Care, which contains botanical extracts to heal stressed skin while prepping it for UV exposure. And to ensure your skin stays in tip-top condition,  make a replenishing mask a weekly ritual to plump up dehydrated skin.


Sisley Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-Sun Care

Problem: Rough feet

Solution: A season spent in sandals can be hard on your heels. Buff away dry skin with a powered foot file, such as Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. Then massage a replenishing moisturiser from the toes to the ankles.

TOP TIP: Apply just before going to bed and slip on a pair of socks for silky soles in the morning.

Problem: Pigmented spots

Solution: Too much fun in the sun can cause uneven skin tone and texture. Banish dark spots by applying a brightening serum, such as Trilogy Age Proof Botanical Lightening Treatment. Follow with a CC (complexion corrector) cream to even out your skin tone and add a hit of radiance.

Problem: SPF streaks on your swimsuit

Solution: You’ve done the right thing and applied sunblock before heading outdoors – but now you’ve got white smudges all over your new bikini. “To remove stubborn sunscreen and tanning product, hand wash your swimsuit in cold soapy water, then lay it flat to dry,” advises JETS swimwear design director Jessika Allen.

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