The key products behind Abbie Chatfield’s Logies makeup look

We need this eyeliner

Editor / June 21 2022

The Logies are back, baby. And while there’s no denying every Aussie star brought their A-game for the return of the red carpet, Abbie Chatfield's makeup deserves its own round of applause.

She may not have got the memo about getting a photographer to come to your hotel room for some pre-event glam shots (who knew?!) but she hit the brief when it came to a glistening winged eye and glowing skin.

The makeup artist behind the masterpiece was Helen Dowsley, and god bless her because she shared a product breakdown post-show.

Abbie Chatfield's Logies makeup


The heroes you need to know? Pat McGrath Labs Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Black’ ($56 at paired with one of the brand’s incredible eye palettes.

If we had to guess based on the pearlescent shimmer, our money’s on the new limited edition
Mthrshp: Diamond Of The First Water Eye Palette ($106 at Sephora).

Dowsley was also responsible for Chatfield’s silky smooth hair. And it turns out she used the very same product behind J.Lo’s iconic (and super glossy) Super Bowl curls: ColorWOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray ($61 at Sephora).

If you’re not acquainted with this next-gen product yet, it’s truly incredible. Spray it on wet hair before blow-drying smooth and enjoy mirror-like shine and smoothness that lasts for up to three washes. 

We’re truly thankful to Dowsley for the reminder about this gem!

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