Here's how to get lashes like TikTok superstar Addison Rae

Fluttery lashes here we come

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / August 04 2020

Besides her notoriety as a TikTok superstar, Addison Rae is also the owner of some enviably long lashes. ELLE U.S. recently interviewed the Item Beauty founder, in which she describes how she achieves her uber curly flutter, and the trick to getting them sitting as tall as Naomi Campbell’s legs.

Citing her own Lash Snack mascara (of course) Addison says,  “I think the ingredients in Lash Snack have definitely played a part,” going on to explain that , “castor oil is really good for your eyelashes.”

But, as with any good beauty routine, Addison also believes in daily maintenance and “just really taking care of them.” She advises to make sure “you don't sleep with mascara on, or don't pull on your eyelashes.”

However, one of Addison’s lash-taming rituals seems to contradict this very advice.  v“I love curling my eyelashes”, she said. “So even before bed sometimes I'll curl them, which is sometimes weird, but I think that's my little beauty thing that I do that's kind of random.”

Hmmm we’re not sure if overzealous curling is the way to go, but it seems to work for Addison. 

Castor oil on the other hand, is a pretty readily available ingredient. From mascara, to lash and brow growth serums, it's commonly used in a lot of products that are safe for use on hair and lashes. 

Here are a few of our faves:

Briogeo B. Well Organic + Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil

Noosa Basics Lash + Brow Revitaliser

L'Oréal Paris Paradise Mascara

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