The DIY mask Bella Hadid's facialist hails as the ultimate iso brightness booster

A guide to glow-cial distancing

Digital Beauty Editor / July 31 2020

DIY masks are nothing new; in fact, they've been a staple for many of us during quarantine. A luminosity-enhancing DIY mask recommended by Mimi Luzon (the very facialist behind Bella Hadid's otherworldly glow), however, is definitely (literally) bright, shiny and brand new in our books.

What makes this formula different, you ask? It combines the best kitchen cabinet brighteners with the effects of a professionally formulated topical twist to ensure the results are as radiant as humanly possible.

So, if a Hadid-worthy level of glow is your goal (and let's be real, it's everyone's), this is the formula that will get you there. You might want to let your roommates know that they may soon need a pair of sunnies because your face's future is bright.

The recipe

"We use turmeric mixed with one spoon of milk, one spoon of flour, a bit of lemon," Luzon explains. "[Add] a few drops of [a radiance-boosting oil] inside the mask to increase the glow effect, and mix [it] all together."


The benefits

Wondering why Luzon wants these particular ingredients to grace your face? “The milk is like a lactic acid [able to] improve the renewal of the cells, the lemon is for brightening, the turmeric is [an] antioxidant, and the [brightening oil] gives much more glow.” The flour, on the other hand, is mostly there for its binding benefits, giving the liquid elements something to combine with so the mask isn't too runny. It does actually have a few brightening benefits up its own sleeve, though (especially if you opt for wheat flour).


The timeframe

"You want to put it on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes, and then you’ve got the glow," says Luzon. Simple, quick and effective; just the way we like our at-home treatments.

Image via: Mimi Luzon/Get The Gloss

Image via: Mimi Luzon/Get The Gloss

Image via: Mimi Luzon/Get The Gloss

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Main image credit: @patrickta

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