How to get glowing skin from top-to-toe

Don’t let your face monopolise the radiance

Advertising Feature By Vaseline Digital Beauty Editor / July 10 2020

For your lacklustre limbs

 “It’s really important to keep the skin nourished during winter and not allow it to dry out, especially as you age,” Hudson explains. “The drier, thinner and finer the skin, the more it is prone to tearing, and cuts won’t heal.” Yikes – body care regimens at the ready.

Step 1: Clear away impurities

Keeping the surface clear and clean is the secret to allowing your hydrators to heal thirsty skin, so kick off with a thorough wash. “Scrubbing your body with an oil-based exfoliant when it’s dry instead of wet will help maximise the skin-softening effects,” Hudson shares. Don’t stay devoted to your go-to body cleansing formula if it’s triggering dehydration, either. “If your body is dry, try switching to a soap-free body wash,” she advises.

Step 2: Replenish moisture

After a rich, concentrated way to treat the body to a hefty hydration hit? Vaseline’s new trio of non-greasy skin serums are all designed to leave skin glowing, while dialling moisture levels up and uneven tone down.

They’re all loaded with the dynamic skin-restoring duo of glycerin and vitamin B3 (aka niacinamide), so hydration and glow are guaranteed, but you can choose between the invigorating green tea blend, the brightening cranberry mix and the refreshing citrus formula based on your own individual skin goals (and the aroma you’re most into, of course).  

As for frequency, a double dose of daily hydration is ideal. “[Applying] twice daily is [the] key to keeping the skin nourished and protected from dryness,” she says.

Vaseline Invigorating Glow Skin Serum with Green Tea Extract

Vaseline Radiant Glow Skin Serum with Cranberry Extract

Vaseline Fresh Glow Skin Serum with Citrus Extract

Step 3: Lock in hydration

Still dealing with dryness? Thicker is generally the way to go for extra nourishment. “Opt for body butter [if your skin is extra dry],” Hudson confirms, noting that the ingredients are just as vital as the hefty texture. “Look for body butter that contains coconut or macadamia oil, as these ingredients are rich in Omegas 3,6,7 and 9 which are all great for locking in moisture.”

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For your parched palms

“Hygiene is obviously first and foremost a priority in these times, but there are [still] some things you can do to help protect the delicate skin on your hands,” Hudson confirms. We’re all ears.

Step 1: Clear away impurities

“[For starters], choose a mild, fragrance-free hand wash with moisturising properties,” she advises. Temperature is as important as formula, too. “Wash with warm, not hot water,” she confirms.

Step 2: Replenish moisture

“Pat hands dry (but don’t harshly rub), and then immediately apply hand cream. You don’t need to apply so much your hands become greasy: just enough to lightly coat the skin,” Hudson says. Containing micro-droplets of the brand’s beloved Jelly, Vaseline’s barrier-strengthening hand cream melts into skin, keeping palms hydrated, healthy and protected against the elements that wreak havoc with hands during the cooler months.

Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream Healthy Hands Stronger Nails

She’s a big fan of making sure you’re never caught short, too. “Keep small travel sizes of hand cream in gym bags, your purse and at your work desk,” she advises.

Step 3: Lock in hydration

There’s no reason to let your face have all the masking fun, either – Hudson is all about a hand-specific hydrating treatment. “Twice weekly apply a nourishing mask (you can even use a face mask) for 20 minutes, gently rinse, and then rub the mask residue into your hands,” she shares.

An overnight treatment is also an option; your hands need beauty sleep as well. “Before bed, apply a thick layer of hand cream, and then cover with cotton gloves to increase absorption,” she says. 

We advise you start prepping your hand-modelling portfolio; your palms are about to look real good.

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