Cardi B’s strange handbag beauty essential

It’s… unconventional

Content Producer / September 06 2023

There’s nothing we love more than a good snoop into celebrities’ everyday lives. From their grocery lists to their choice of shampoo - consider us intrigued…

The most revealing intel of all, according to us at least, is the handbag. The everyday essential provides an unexpected insight into someone’s personality or, more importantly to us beauty lovers, their choice of products. Only the best makes it into the handbag so, for glamour queens like Cardi B, we’re aching to know what makes the cut.

In a recent video with Vogue Mexico, the rapper emptied out her patent red Hermès Birkin, revealing her day-to-day beauty essentials. The contents, however, may surprise you.

It’s no secret that Cardi B loves smelling good. Nay, smelling sweet. Previously, she’s shared her favourite coconut-scented bathroom trio as well as her love of cupcake-scented body wash. So, it’s almost natural that the JEALOUSY singer carries around scent-related goodies.

The unexpected part is her bottle of baby powder. While she doesn’t apply it to herself, Cardi ingeniously uses it after she uses the bathroom by applying it into her hands and tossing it into the air. 

“You make a mess but I’d rather it be a mess than smell like sh*t,” she said in Spanish. We love a considerate queen!

As for her personal scent of choice, Cardi swears by a candy-scented deodorant.

“You think you’re going out for five or six hours and it ends up being 18 hours,” she said. “You need some strong and powerful deodorant.” Her choice? The Native Deodorant in the scent Sour Berry Belts.

While Native is unavailable to purchase in Australia, we’ve rounded up some delicious-smelling natural deodorant alternatives here.

As for Cardi’s candy obsession, can we get a Whipshot fragrance, please and thank you?

Main image credit: @iamcardib

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