Cardi B trusts *this* treatment to leave her looking like an 'alien cat'

Which is APPARENTLY a good thing

Digital Beauty Editor / May 30 2022

We all go into different treatments with different goals, right? Some people hit up the hairdresser wanting smooth strands and some want a voluminous perm. Some people go into a nail bar for a low-key milky manicure and some want statement nail art.

And yet in all our years of salon sampling, we’ve never quite gone in with the goal of looking like an ‘alien cat’. TBH we didn’t even know it was a goal we were supposed to have, and thus we’re thankful for the beauty-centric education Cardi B provides.

"I'm going to be like one of those alien cats that don't got no hair,” the rapper laughed in a recent Instagram Story series explaining her laser hair removal journey.


You know the cat she means, right? Remember Rachel’s cat from Friends? That’s the vibe. But as hilarious/random as the reference is, we’re genuinely glad she’s achieved her goal, especially since she confessed the ‘getting there’ did take a while.

“A lot of y’all be getting razor bumps [or] ingrown hairs, [and] we get a little dark down there or in our underarms," she shared re: some of the qualms she had with other hair removal methods such as shaving. "You need to laser so your hair can get softer and little by little, your hair will stop growing.”


That's where the hairless cat connection comes in; any laser lovers will know that after multiple sessions (usually eight to nine, of which Cardi noted she had three remaining), hair will soften and eventually cease growing.

“Laser hair removal is amazing at cutting the number of hairs down long-term. This means that you are always skirt or beach ready,” dermal therapist Dr Giulia D'Anna from Dermal Distinction previously confirmed to BEAUTYcrew.

Beach ready is one way to put it, sure, but honestly, 'alien cat' is the result we're now after. Thanks Cardi.

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