Cardi B shared the DIY hair mask responsible for all that shine

And you probably have the ingredients in your pantry

BEAUTYcrew Junior Beauty Writer / July 28 2020

Undoubtedly the quarantine gift that just keeps on giving, Cardi B has blessed us once more with some quality content.

The rapper recently shared with her Instagram followers a super easy DIY hair mask, which the mum says she likes to use on her own and her daughter Kulture’s hair for ultra-shiny results.

‘All the good things that you put in your body, you gotta put in your hair,” a natural hair and no makeup Cardi explained. “You’re not gonna put soda in your hair because soda ain’t good for your body.”

Makes sense.

Cardi blends herself a thankfully non-carbonated formula of argan oil, caster oil, olive oil, avocado, raw eggs, bananas, honey and mayonnaise. Delish.

“This treatment is really good for curl patterns. I don’t really have a curl pattern but my baby does.”

Cardi shared the masks’ results to Instagram with the caption: “The end results of all that [stuff] I put on my hair earlier😩😂😂.Treat your hair ladies ...and don’t let a [anyone] tell you [anything] ‘bout wearing wigs😤It helps with hair growth ALOT!”

More of a visual learner? No worries, Cardi's got you sorted with the step by step tutorial below:


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Main image credit: @iamcardib

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