Cardi B has changed her nail shape to avoid hurting her baby

Cardi B changes her nails


Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 01 2018

Cardi B is known for a lot of things, and her three-inch (usually) rhinestone-encrusted nails are definitely one of them. Have you seen those things? They’re nothing short of epic and they’ve become a staple part of her beauty look.

While there’s no doubt these bad boys would make life a lil’ difficult (how on earth does she hold her eyeliner steady with those claws?!), when Cardi recently gave birth to her new daughter the Internet’s mum-shamers came out in full force (CLASSIC).

Many fans were freaking out over whether the singer was planning on shortening the length of her nails for her new role as a mother - and Cardi hit back with the most hilarious response.

This is why we love her.

While she may be shaping her nails (minus one) a little differently from her signature manicure style, it’s clear that her one-of-a-kind nail art is here to stay post-baby.

In an interview with Refinery29, Cardi’s nail artist Jenny Bui of Nails on 7th confirmed that her elaborate two-inch nails aren’t going anywhere. “Nothing is changing,” she said. "She's had those nails for so long, she'll know how to manage.”

Fact: Never expect anything short of extra from Cardi B.

If you think Cardi’s nails are next-level, check out J.Lo’s killer manicure. (Hint: It involves absolute dedication to a theme).

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