J.Lo's $14 nail polish shade proves that the minimalist manicure is back

Nail art? Not this time

Digital Beauty Editor / October 19 2022

Jennifer Lopez is basically the queen of ‘extra’. From her famous fluorescent nails (remember that highlighter yellow mani snap we all screenshotted?) to the glitzy nail art she’s often seen embracing, ‘minimalistic’ isn’t usually her vibe. And hey, that's a big part of why we love her!

But it seems there’s a shade chic enough that even J.Lo is down to rock it solo. And it’s only $14! Lopez’ nail artist Tom Bachik (an icon in his own right) took to Instagram to share her latest nail look, and it was a far cry from the bolder styles the pair have sampled in the past. Yep, she was spied at a recent Ralph Lauren runway show with a classic merlot manicure.

The star’s colour of choice? A rich, glossy burgundy, brought to life by none other than the Essie Nail Polish in Bordeaux ($13.99 at Chemist Warehouse). A winning wine shade that works a treat on skin tones across the board, it looked stunning against Lopez’ golden glow.

Essie Nail Polish in Bordeaux

Bachik went on to describe exactly what went into the understated shade selection. “Beautiful, classic [and] minimalist was the vibe and nails needed to complete the look,” he shared in his caption. “We went with Essies #424 Bordeaux to do just that! Short, strong, natural shaped nails helps the colour pop.”

As for his prep-and-polish process, Bachik broke it down into a few simple steps. “I started by first giving a meticulous mani,” he noted, referring to what we would guess consisted of a trim, buff and shine.

“Next [I] cleansed the natural nails and applied base coat [and] then two thin even coats of Essie Bordeaux. Let [the] colour dry a minute or two before applying top coat to protect and create that high gloss red carpet shine. [I] finished by rehydrating cuticles and skin with Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Oil ($15.49 at Chemist Warehouse).” Ah, so that’s how her nails are out-shining her giant yellow diamond!

Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Oil

Main mage credit: @tombachik

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