Cardi B opens up about her struggles with adult acne

She DOESN'T like it like that

Digital Beauty Editor / January 28 2021

Cardi B is pretty much the queen of the glamour game. She makes a habit of reaching for the showstopping eyeshadow shades and has experimented with everything from a pink architectural updo to a Louis Vuitton-printed ponytail.

However, seeing as she's all about weird and wonderful hair and makeup looks, it's pretty rare to see her stripped back, and so her experience in the skin arena has always remained somewhat of a mystery. Until now.

The rapper just got real about her face via Twitter, and while we do wish for her sake that it was a selfie gloating about glow rather than the plea for advice it was, we must admit we appreciate the transparency.

Revealing that she's been dealing with a particularly painful spurt of adult acne as of late, Cardi turned to followers in the hope of finding help...

Bursts of blemishes obviously aren't fun at the best of times, but any breakout that lasts multiple months (like this one, which she said has been going strong for about three months now) has to be a massive hassle, especially when being on-camera is a big part of your job.

The skin care community rallied around her though, with fans flooding her timeline with advice and recommendations. However, there were several that she admitted she'd already tried (sadly to no avail), such as visiting a dermatologist, and sampling a few sensitivity-specific skin care brands.

But while clogged pores could surely be the culprit (anyone wearing stage-style makeup consistently could easily be struggling with congestion), Cardi maintained that despite her affinity for flawless foundation, she'd never had issues on her cheeks or chin until recently.

Another theory floated? That California's water supply or air quality could be to blame. Plausible, sure, but honestly, we think mask-ne is most likely right up there with the biggest offenders.

The rapper definitely hasn't given up hope, either – in fact, she updated followers the next day with the news that she'd booked in for a treatment, and was planning on mixing up a DIY mask her mum had recommended in the meantime. We're sending all the positive, complexion-clearing energy your way, Cardi... 

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