7 steps every body care routine should include

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BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / August 08 2023

Having an airtight skin care regimen is always at the forefront of our self-care routine, but where we can tend to get a little ‘lax is our body care

But no more. 

Our skin doesn’t end at our neck and it seems silly to put all that effort into caring for the skin on our face, while leaving the remaining 80 per cent of our body to fend for itself.

We’ll do better. We’ll do more. And it all starts here, with a solid 7-step body care routine.



When it comes to starting off a body care routine right, there is no greater leveler in the category (and also literally) than a refining and resurfacing exfoliator. Personally, we love the 2-in-1 FIRST AID BEAUTY KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub With 10% AHA ($43 at Sephora). Pumice buffing beads physically scrub away dead skin cells and unwanted texture, while glycolic and lactic acid help to encourage skin cell renewal, minimise the appearance of pores and discolouration.



There is a fine balance between effectively cleansing skin and stripping it of all available moisture. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet AP+ Body Wash Cream ($34.95 at Adore Beauty) hydrates and soothes skin thanks to a fragrance and soap-free formula that boasts nourishing shea butter and strengthening niacinamide, while keeping your skin fresh and purified.



When it comes to hydrating our skin post-shower, we’re all about lightweight, fast-absorbing options that don’t scrimp when it comes to replenishing skin with long-lasting moisture. CeraVe Daily Moisturising Lotion ($10.99 at Chemist Warehouse) ticks all of these boxes thanks to a formula that includes lightweight hydrators like hyaluronic acid and skin barrier strengthening ceramides, providing skin with relief from dryness and dehydration for up to 24 hours after application.



We love body oils. They’re super nourishing and despite what you may think, they’re also quite versatile. We’re really into multipurpose treatment oils like homegrown hero Astromantique FIRE Body Elixir ($69.95 at Astromantique), which is great for nourishing and renergising the skin, as well removing impurities. Seriously, this stuff is impressive. We’re talking rich in jojoba, macadamia and almond oils, with a sprinkle of fiery cinnamon to simulate blood flow and uplift dry, dull skin.


Multipurpose Balm

Multipurpose balms are great for those pesky dry spots like elbows and ankles, or for when your skin needs an intensely nourishing hit of hydration and a standard moisturiser just ain’t gonna cut it. CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Intense Regenerating Balm With Rare Prickly Pear Oil ($51 at Sephora) tackles dry skin and dry hair with ease thanks to an ultra-nourishing formula that protects and replenishes. It contains intensely hydrating ingredients like prickly pear seed oil, shea oil, cocoa oil, rice bran oil and almond oil.



TBH when it comes to taking care of our feet, we like to leave the majority of the heavy lifting to our nail tech. But when we’re in between salon visits and our feet are on the brink of looking more like hooves, we like to whip out a foot mask to keep our skin feeling baby soft regardless of how much we’ve been strutting around. The SEPHORA COLLECTION Cactus Foot Mask ($8 at Sephora) very quickly pays for itself with an uber low price point and a hydrating cactus-infused formula that’ll give your feet a new lease on life in as little as 20 minutes.



We always feel a little bit naked without the spritz of our favourite scent. In the efforts of staying in the vein of self-care, we suggest selecting a fragrance that does double duty as an aromatherapeutic addition to your body care regimen. Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily ($78 at Adore Beauty) features revitalising notes of ginger, citrus, ginger lily blossom and a comforting heart of cedar, musk and tonka.

No body care routine is complete without an exfoliator. Here are 7 body scrubs that won’t make a mess in your shower.

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