Adele is the latest star to join the celebrity beauty brand club

“Hello” to the latest club member

Content Producer / November 15 2023

While we all thought the era of the celebrity-owned beauty brand was dying out, Grammy Award-winning songstress Adele has gone ahead and proved us wrong.

Just off the back of her Las Vegas residency, trademark reports reveal that the “Rolling in the Deep” singer has filed a trademark application for a new brand, The Shellbourne Collective.

This will allow the artist to develop and sell her own beauty products. While details have yet to be revealed regarding just what types of products she’ll release, if one thing’s for sure, Adele plans to do things differently.

Speaking to Metro UK  last week, Adele’s agent Lucy Dickins hinted at the move post-residency: "She won't do what everyone else does," she said.

"[Adele's] never done that in her life so I'd be surprised if she comes and does the same as everyone else."

Image credit: @ravieb

While her application falls under the category of ‘specialised design activities’, we’re envisioning signature Adele staples like smoky eyeshadows and bold liners. 

Considering how partial she is to her thick winged cat eye, we wouldn’t be surprised if she created a product that allows users to recreate the look at home. It would be iconic to say the least.

While she’s in the very early stages of her latest venture, Adele is set to join the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber in her move to beauty. And you best bet we’ll be following along.

Main image credit: @ravieb

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