'Euphoria' star Alexa Demie just chopped all her hair off

The 'Maddy mane' is no longer

Digital Beauty Editor / March 09 2022

Considering her claws are so iconic that her ‘nail acting’ is TikTok’s favourite thing to recreate RN, it’s hard to label any one thing as Euphoria star Alexa Demie’s ‘standout feature’.

However, though said talons (which she embraces offscreen as well as on) are definitely up there, her face is that of an angel, and she wears a black cutout number better than anyone else on earth, Demie’s signature long black locks may have just snaked the number one envy-inducing spot for us.

Until now, that is, because the actress has just ditched them completely. Yep, she got a major chop and we’re majorly shook.

The 31-year-old is no stranger to hair experimentation in general, often embracing artistically laid baby hairs, sleek pulled back ponies, and recently even a set of baby bangs, but this has to be Demie’s most dramatic look yet. Let’s just say it’s a long way from the Maddy Perez aesthetic.

It is worth noting, though, that if you inspect said looks, it's clear that Demie is partial to an updo IRL, and so a shorter crop actually does make a lot of sense for her.

Dying to take a peek at the pics? You can spy OG snaps of the cropped cut here. For the record, this may not be the chop at its chicly styled best; Demie was just running errands (visiting a car repair shop to be precise) at the time the snaps were taken.

But while we need a minute to mourn the unrivalled glossiness of her longer locks, we must admit she pulls off the shorter length perfectly. Honestly, who’s surprised? With that bone structure, anything is possible.




As much as we’d love to see her take the look to ‘Insta official’ status with a selfie reveal, we won’t be holding our breath – Demie’s social media accounts are surprisingly bare considering the fact that the Internet is obsessed with her.

We have, however, been blessed with a shot of Demie attending the Balenciaga show with her chop (and a fresh set of baby bangs) in tow. So. Damn. Cool.

The chop does pose a few questions, though, especially considering the fact that Euphoria was recently renewed for a third season. Will Maddy’s signature style return or will she cut her hair (and hopefully Nate) out of her life? Will Demie wear a wig? Will she have a boy bob by then? Will her hair have grown back out entirely?

It remains to be seen. But you best believe that we’ll be watching like haircut-obsessed hawks waiting to find out.

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