The ‘boy bob’ is the chic new hair trend already taking over 2022

Heading to the hairdresser, stat

Editor / January 07 2022

If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair for the new year, consider this a sign to commit. The ‘boy bob’ is set to become one of the biggest hair trends of 2022, giving little reason to hold onto your length.

It’s true bob hairstyles have always been popular (and we love nothing more than a celebrity bob cut) but the revamped boy bob is even more laidback and low maintenance when cut right.

“The big difference with this bob is that it is cut very short and [people] are leaving it more natural and wavy rather than polishing it up with hairspray or straightening it,” says Max Pinnell, hairstylist at Wonder beauty and wellness clinic in Double Bay. “It’s a very sexy haircut.”

In fact, Pinnell says that despite its name there’s nothing boyish about the cut. “It is feminine and a good revamp of the classic bob, which also happens to be one of my favourite haircuts.”




How to pull off the ‘boy bob’ hair trend

The first key to the boy bob is the length. And while the likes of Kaia Gerber can pull off anything, Pinnell says how short you can go will vary from person to person.

“Generally someone with an oval-shaped face can wear most styles of bob,” he says. “If you have a heart-shaped face, let your bob go just past the jawline for the most flattering look.”

“A person with a rounder face usually looks great with it cut at the chin and a square face is generally best if you cut just above or just below the jawline.”




The second key to the boy bob is the styling (or lack thereof). “A light blow-dry and some thickening spray or texturiser will do the trick to get [a natural and laidback] look for most women,” recommends Pinnell.

If you have fine hair, you’re in luck, as the boy bob will help to make hair look thicker and more substantial. The boy bob also looks amazing when cut blunt and slicked back.

Main image credit: @hannahkleit

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