The expert-approved hair trends set to take over for winter

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Content Producer / March 14 2024

It’s official, the seasonal change is upon us. And with that comes the inevitable shift in temperature. We’ll be taking that as our cue to deep dive into what hair trends we’ll be expecting to see this winter, because the only things we look forward to more than chic, cosy knitwear are the winter hair trends that we can wear with it. Whether a new colour will emerge to match Hollywood hair looks, or a steadfast cut remains as the winter go-to, we’re about to find out what’s officially in for the season…

To get all the inside goss and predictions we’ve of course been keeping our eyes on all the A-listers who know their way around a statement cut and colour. But most importantly we couldn’t do it without the genius minds of Jaye Edwards (of Edwards and Co) and Steph Bacelic (from Beatnik Studio). They shared all the insider info around the cuts and colours they’re expecting to see this winter. So, no matter the current state of your hair, it’s time to scroll through this page and take it to the salon for your winter warmer hair inspo. Here are the winter hair trends about to take over moodboards around Australia…

Winter Hair Colours

Bronde Blends

Bronde is making its annual pilgrimage back to our tresses for a hit of winter warmth. Edwards expects “lots of transitions to richer, warmer brown tones such as caramel, honey, or chestnut, to add warmth and dimension to the hair amidst the colder weather.” But don’t worry, there’s a bronde tone out there that can be customised to suit you; ask your professional to blend a personal shade suited to your colouring.

Glassy Brunette

This season we’re embodying the expensive aura that comes with the ‘old money’ trend. But how do you get your hair to match your vibe? Adding a whole hit of glassy shine to it, with both Edwards and Bacelic suggesting that this ultra-low maintenance shift can make all the difference to your strands. But Edwards gives us a great warning, be sure to note that it’s “important to work with the natural texture and colour of your hair, rather than against it.”

Biscuit Blonde

If you’re a natural blonde (congrats), you’ll likely have seen your strands significantly lighten over the summer months. This change gives you a great bright blonde moment to go with the freshness of summer, but coming into the cooler months, it’s best to switch to a shade that will warm you up. Enter: ‘biscuit blonde. Both Edwards and Bacelic see this being the shade to give you warmth, luxury and a youthful glow. 

Cherry Cola

Let’s be real, the obsession with all things red is far from over. From nails to tresses, the celebs just keep on bringing it back. The exact reddy tone we just keep on seeing? Cherry Cola. Thanks to Dua Lipa this warm tone is sticking around for another season. Steph Bacelic describes the colour as a mix of “a chocolatey-brown base” and “reddish-burgundy overtones, with plenty of gloss and shine.” 

Winter Haircuts

Banging Bob

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the bob is a cut that will never go out of style. Whether you’re opting for a ‘slob’, an Italian bob or a borderline bixie, there’s a bob to suit just about everyone. Edwards’ top tip for making your bob look elevated and maintained? “Add some lowlights to add some dimension which can make your hair appear thicker and fuller!”

Butterfly Haircut

Another cut that’s standing the test of time (although we weren’t so sure at the start) is the butterfly cut. Edwards describes the chop technique as one that “involves layers around the face, with longer layers towards the back to give you an appearance of fuller, thicker hair which gets that butterfly shape.” When you get it right, it’s heaven, but it can be slightly hard to self-style the same way as the salon pros, so make sure you’ve thought that through before heading in for the chop.

Blunt Cut

If you’re after a ‘lazy’, low maintenance cut to make it through winter, then the blunt cut is what you’re after. The chic cut suits all colours (and textures). So stand out with the straight blunt cut that “makes your hair appear fuller and healthier”. Isn’t that the goal at all times, after all?!

Main Image Credit: @dualipa

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