The reason your curls won’t hold their shape

Find out why those rings and waves drop so quickly

Beauty Crew Editor / August 15 2023

Perfecting the art of curling your hair with a straightener or iron is half the battle. Having them last from morning to night is a whole other ball game. 

As most women who have managed to master the technique know, there’s always a chance that those perfectly formed curls or waves will drop faster than your latest pay at a Priceline sale, leaving you with straight hair that, at best, has a slight kink in it.

So why does this happen? Is it your curling technique? Is it the straightener you’re using? Do you need to up the ante on your hairspray before and after curling? 

According to Lauren McCowan, Creative Director at Haircare Australia and Cloud Nine Ambassador, the reason your curls are dropping so quickly is actually due to a loss of moisture in your hair and failing to seal the cuticle properly. 

She explains, “When you take too much water out of the hair, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how much product you use, or how long you spend curling. When your hair drops and you’ve got no idea why, it’s because you’ve taken all the water out. When your hair is completely devoid of moisture, it will physically search for it in the atmosphere, which will make it drop.” 

Thankfully there are a couple of easy fixes to ensure you don’t frazzle your hair, leaving it open to excess moisture. First, McCowan recommends giving it the moisture it needs – “Get a water spray, or a light leave-in conditioner, and just mist it into your hair then brush it through with a bristle brush.” 

She also stresses you should use a hair straightener with plates that will work to shut the cuticles of your hair, sealing the moisture inside so it doesn’t leave your locks susceptible to the natural moisture in the air. 

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