The *exact* nail polishes Amal Clooney always wears

The Exact Nail Polishes Amal Clooney Always Wears

We weren’t expecting such a bold hue to make the cut

Beauty Crew Junior Beauty Writer / April 24 2024

Amal Clooney isn’t just an outstanding human rights lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize winner and professional badass, she’s also a bit of a style queen. 

Okay, a *major* style queen, but we’re sure you knew that already. This woman surely must be the chicest barrister getting around.

And we’ve just been chatting with her manicurist, Gina Alcedo, who has given us a no holds barred account of Amal Clooney’s go-to nail polish shades.

Besides Amal, Alcedo tends to the nail needs of an impressive celebrity clientele list that includes the likes of The Carters (yes, those Carters)… as well as many other celebs of the A++ lister variety. 

Alcedo also has her own brand – NVLA – which she often uses for Amal’s manicures.

“Amal likes my brand, NVLA. Her go-to is Perfect Image, a gothic purple colour; Rockingham Red, and Sunset Boulevard Nude with Ms. Huffington Pink over it. She will occasionally do a CHANEL [nail polish] as well,” says Alcedo.

While we’re unsurprised by the inclusion of a classic red nail polish, we weren’t expecting Amal to love such a dark shade of purple. And we love the sound of her custom two-tone nude mani – we’ll definitely have to give that one a try.

Since NVLA nail polishes aren’t available here in Australia, we’ve done some digging and found some *very* similar shades that you might like to try instead.

For an Aussie-available alternative to NVLA’s Sunset Boulevard Nude, Sally Hansen Devil Wears Nada is a sophisticated nude that’s sure to end up on high rotation in your everyday polish wardrobe.

A trusty red polish like Amal’s go-to NVLA Rockingham Red is always a safe bet for events. We love OPI’s Infinite Nail Polish in Relentless Ruby.

Or if you’re wanting to follow Amal’s lead and opt for something more edgy like her beloved NVLA Perfect Image, CHANEL’s Longwear Nail Colour in Prune Dramatique is a stunning deep purple that’s perfect for these cooler months.

One ultra-chic, Amal-approved mani coming right up.

If you’re looking for more celebrity nail inspiration, take a peek at Michelle Obama’s epic manicure.

What are your go-to nail polish shades? Let us know in the comments.

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