3 insider tricks to repair damaged hair

Including the DIY recipe that uses two ingredients you have in your fridge

InStyle Contributor / October 05 2017

Keeping your hair in tip-top condition can feel like a full time job. Every time you heat style it, or wear it up in a tight ponytail, you could potentially be snapping and frying your strands. To help you undo the damage already done, and to avoid causing any more, we asked the hair maestro responsible for the tresses of Alicia Vikander, Jessica Biel and Diane Kruger (to name just a few of his A-list clients), Chris Naselli to reveal his recipe for repairing a dry, damaged ’do. These are his top three tips for healthy hair.

#1 / Try this at-home remedy to cure damaged strands

This concoction doesn’t include any hair treatments or masks—instead, each one of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. All you need is “a few eggs and some mayonnaise, and it will bring your hair back 
to life instantly”, says Naselli. “It’s perfect for hair that is thinning or damaged from heat styling and colouring.” And, if you’re wondering how this sticky mix can benefit your strands, Naselli explains that “eggs are rich in protein, which helps to strengthen and thicken your hair, and they also work to keep its natural oils intact, resulting in less breakage”. The mayonnaise “seals the cuticle to lock in moisture”, he adds. All you need to do is apply the mask, wrap your hair in a towel for one hour, then rinse.

#2 / Turn the temperature down 

“I’m a true believer that giving your hair a rest from heated styling tools is the key to keeping [it] in its best condition,” says Naselli. So, skip your daily blow-dry session and allow your strands to dry naturally at least twice a week.

#3 / Less is best for natural-looking hair

Take a break from loading your hair with styling products that can dry out your strands and build-up, causing you to compensate with copious amounts of dry shampoo and over-shampooing. Instead, learn to embrace your natural hair more often: Just like natural makeup, natural hair is in. “Less is always more—it’s the key to natural hair. You want the hair to move, so always use [styling] products that are light and won’t weigh your hair down,” says Naselli. And when off-duty, try to go product free.


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